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A new Oprah-tunity!

Dear friends,

More signs of progress – Oprah is now on a 21-day vegan "cleanse". This is potentially great news because multitudes will be participating with her, and hopefully learning about the plight of animals in our food production system, and of the enormous benefits of a plant-based diet for our health and the health of the Earth and for future generations. And that it’s dee-licious, too!

Over the past 2 years since my book, The World Peace Diet, was published, so many people have told me that I "need to be on Oprah." After her hugely successful class with Eckhart Tolle, I’ve been hearing this from people even more. It seems that we humans are ripening spiritually, and I believe that there is nothing more important at this stage of our spiritual evolution than developing compassion for all living beings, and transforming our eating habits to reflect more compassion and awareness.

The World Peace Diet, of all the books out there, presents the spiritual, cultural, and psycho-social dimensions of our meals and would provide a solid foundation for Oprah’s (and the world’s) transition to a plant-based way of eating. We have to understand the "big picture" in order to make major changes in our lives, and when we do, it’s easy to make the changes. So many people have told me that they’ve gone vegan after reading The World Peace Diet, and I think this is why.

So, people have asked me to encourage all of us to go to Oprah’s website and suggest that she read The World Peace Diet. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to do this! Use your own words and speak from your heart. The window of opportunity over the next 3 weeks days is beckoning! If Oprah reads The World Peace Diet and "gets it," we will have hundreds of thousands more people "getting it" also, which could lead to amazing and rapid improvements in the lives of all of us — people, animals, and future generations. And if there are other vegan speakers, writers, chefs that you feel would illuminate, please let Oprah know of them as well!

Please do it now, if possible. The link is:

The link to the discussion message board:

The link to her show with Kathy Freston on the Pillars of Wellness:

Upcoming retreat: "Creating A New Culture Of Peace:"

We are delighted to report that on our upcoming World Peace Diet weekend retreat, July 18-20 in southeastern Michigan, we will be joined by Mark Stroud of Cincinnati! Mark will help facilitate the retreat, and he is a dedicated advocate for compassion. Mark has already taught 2 classes on The World Peace Diet through the New Thought Unity Church in Cincinnati, and he has created an excellent Study Guide for facilitators of The World Peace Diet. So, if you are feeling an inner pull to help our world by facilitating a class or study group on The World Peace Diet in your area, I hope you will be able to join us on this retreat. While it is especially designed for people who would like to become certified facilitators of The World Peace Diet, it is open to anyone who would like to deepen their connection with and experience of the transformative ideas in the book. Mark is an award-winning chef, restaurateur, and educator.

Celebrity chefs! We are thrilled to have on the retreat the services of Deer and Justice Fields, who will be preparing the organic vegan meals that we’ll be savoring. Deer and Justice are legendary, world-traveling vegan chefs who have prepared scrumptious feasts in their own restaurants in Maui and San Diego, as well as cooked for countless conferences, expos, Rainbow gatherings, and events throughout North America and New Zealand.

For more information on this July retreat, and to register for it:

We are now in Virginia Beach, heading north and then west for the summer – you can see details of our tour on our website at: We do over 150 events per year, and have been traveling full-time in our "rolling home" now for over 12 years. It just keeps getting better! We have added some more events to our schedule, including a second lecture in New York City in June.

Finally, we have been sending out our free daily "Veg Inspiration For The Day" since May 1st, so if you’d like to begin receiving that every morning, you can sign up on The World Peace Diet website:

Deepest thanks to all of you who are blessing our world with your efforts to build a new society of kindness, peace, and harmony. We hope our paths will cross with you and people you know, so please check our tour schedule from time to time, as well as our Worldwide Prayer Circle for Animals:

Hope to see you all on Oprah! And at the July retreat! And in your area when we come through…

That’s it for now. Thanks for being the blessing you are!

Will & Madeleine

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