Cincinnati, Ohio: Gratitude in Motion Course

As more and more people are now facilitating courses and study groups on The World Peace Diet in towns and cities across North America, it is good to see that there is now also a course on The World Peace Diet being offered through a local university. Anna Ferguson is offering a course on The World Peace Diet through the Communiversity in Cincinnati, Ohio:

Focus first on food–each class will begin with a meal provided by your class facilitator. You’ll try out delicious vegan dishes; recipes will be shared and discussed, along with food replacement ideas. Inspired by “The World Peace Diet” by Will Tuttle, this class is designed to create open discussion and communication. His is the first book to make explicit the invisible connections between our culture, our food, and the source of our broad range of problems–and the way to a positive transformation in our individual and collective lives. It pulls back the curtain to reveal our culture’s hidden shadow and how it lives in us and in all our institutions, and how we can actually transform ourselves and our world. In each class we will discuss a chapter of the book, preview films/documentaries, and explore how to make changes in our eating habits.

Location: Gratitude in Motion Studio (Clifton)

The World Peace Diet Study Group, Recipe Exchange & Potluck
Mondays: 7:30 – 9:00 pm

Dates:  June 23, July 7, July 21, August 4 & August 18

Facilitated by:  Anna Ferguson
Required Book: The World Peace Diet by Will Tuttle
(ISBN: 978-1590560839 available at UC and DuBois bookstores plus online booksellers); #8127-01

Books & CD’s are available for purchase at Gratitude in Motion.

Fee per class: $9 or bring a vegan dish; $99 all classes; includes all food expenses.

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