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The World Peace Diet
has been called one of the most important books of the 21st century:
the foundation of a new society based on the truth of the
interconnectedness of all life. It is the first book to make explicit
the invisible connections between our culture, our food, and the source
of our broad range of problems—and the way to a positive transformation
in our individual and collective lives.

The World Peace Diet is an award-winning
book. If you want to understand the big picture of our culture and why
we have the unyielding dilemmas we face, and how we can solve them,
this book is for you.

For Purchase or Free Download.

The World Peace Diet is $20.00. When you order from this website, your book will be signed by the author, and will include a copy of Living in Harmony With All Life, a 75-minute CD discourse by Dr. Tuttle on some of the main ideas in The World Peace Diet, with musical interludes. It will also include a free copy of Madeleine’s ‚ÄúIntuitive Cooking.‚Äù Click here to order a printed copy of The World Peace Diet and have it shipped to your door, with the CD and ‚ÄúIntuitive Cooking.‚Äù

DownloadsDownload a printable PDF file of  the entire The World Peace Diet.  There is no charge for this. We are thankful to be able to spread the message this way. Click here to download a .pdf file of the book. 

Click here
to download a free mp3 sound file of Living in Harmony With All Life, the 75-minute discourse by Dr. Tuttle on The World Peace Diet.

Donations accepted. Thanks for contributing to this work!

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