Are you interested in facilitating a course or book study group on The World Peace Diet,
and spreading this transformational message?

To find out more about facilitating a course or book study group on The World Peace Diet,
including a free PDF file of  helpful tips and information, as well as
a list of study questions that you can use, please send us your
email address. You can view or print the PDF files and use them as you see fit. Countless beings—animals, future generations,
hungry people, and untold others—thank you for caring enough to make an
effort to bring compassion and understanding to our world!!

Additional Recommended Resource:


The Deluxe World Peace Diet Study Guide for facilitators:

You can also contact Mark Stroud, who has successfully facilitated courses on The World Peace Diet in Cincinnati. He
has created an excellent and much more detailed Course Study Guide with
additional resources for successfully offering and facilitating a study
course on The World Peace Diet.

If you would like more guidance and more ideas in presenting the course, I recommend that you contact him.

“The World Peace Diet study course was an inspirational journey. Even though I have been vegan for several years now, reading The World Peace Diet and
discussing its ideas in an open environment with a diverse group of
people helped me to reaffirm my belief in the power of our food
choices, and the impact that making positive changes within my own life
has on the world around me. I recommend this course to everyone,
especially those who hold peace and love as important ideals.‚Äù –Jacki Sprinkle, student at Xavier University

‚ÄúMy wife Claudia and I took the World Peace Diet course and cooking class with renown Olympic chef  Mark Stroud. This was the first class ever, and the information shared and studied in those weeks was priceless. Dr. Tuttle’s book, The World Peace Diet, is
an exhaustive study of veganism, and having group study made the
information more interesting and accessible. The study course is set up
so that everybody can participate freely and without judgment from
others. The sharing of ideas and opinions  was wonderful within our
group, and I truly believe that everybody in our group became more
educated and mindful of the food they are eating. Sharing the terrific
vegan food also helped show that delicious food can be prepared without
cruelty. I highly recommend this class.‚Äù — John Mooter, Chair,
EarthSave Cincinnati             

You can find out more about obtaining Mark’s valuable Course Study Guide for facilitators by emailing him or calling him at (888)-899-9642.

In addition, as you are proceeding, Mark is available for helpful coaching if
you have questions about facilitating this course, whether you are just
using this brief and basic overview or are using his more comprehensive
Course Study Guide.

has won a bronze medal in the Culinary Olympics and also ran a vegan
restaurant in Cincinnati voted one of the ten best vegetarian
restaurants in the country by Vegetarian Times magazine. If
you are interested in conducting a World Peace Diet Cooking Class in
addition to this World Peace Diet Study Course, please contact Mark
about this as well.       

Thanks again for your interest in facilitating a course on The World Peace Diet. It is a noble undertaking, and we wish you all success in your efforts!

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