Eco Food Prints

It’s encouraging to see that veganism is picking up steam
throughout our culture as more and more people realized that switching
to a plant-based diet is a powerful, positive change they can make in
their lives that is terrific for the Earth, for animals, for health,
and for human welfare.

Have you heard of the "foodprint" that
we make? It’s the environmental effect of our food choices, and it’s
being increasingly recognized to be a very big deal indeed. Here’s a
link for more info:

Here’s what they say:
"The Carbon footprint of food (therefore, the "ecofoodprint") is the individual responsibility of every citizen to consider their food choices as a solution to global warming. A plant based diet is the single greatest thing anyone can do to solve the planetary crisis we all now face. It is the individual responsibility of everyone to go veg, be green and save the planet!"

This recent cartoon that ran in USA Today on August 4, 2008, is another good case in point:

This is the mass media, folks! We are making headway! Keep spreading the word!

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