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Dear Friend

Thanksgiving greetings! Madeleine and I are heading into Texas as we continue our "Planting Peace" tour – now drawing to the end of our 13th year full-time on the road in our solar-powered RV.

I'd to share just a few thoughts and resources. One is that now that the election is over, I think it's important to remember that every day is an election; every day we vote with our dollars and dictate to
the vast economic complex what we want to be produced, and what activities we want to support. Each and every one of us is making an impact with our lives, and as we become more sensitive to the
repercussions of our actions and votes, we can transform our lives and contribute to the transformation and healing of our world. We also elect what to speak, think about, and focus our attention on. There is nothing more empowering than bringing our daily lives into congruence with our deeply-held values, and I am grateful for the powerful positive steps being taken in our country and in our world to live with greater awareness of the interconnectedness of all life, and with greater compassion for all living beings and for future generations. It is difficult to overstate the immensity of the challenges we face; as Obama recently said, "Our planet is in peril." We are each called to question the underlying assumptions of our reductionistic and obsolete cultural mentality and, as Gandhi said so well, be the change we'd like to see in the world.

Along these lines, I'd like to share a video that we made recently in Cincinnati called "A Case For The World Peace Diet." It has been airing on Supreme Master TV, an international TV channel that broadcasts 24/7 and presents only constructive and positive news and programs. Here's the link:

Increasingly, people are making the connections between veganism and environmental sustainability, and I recently published an article in the British journal Resurgence Magazine entitled "What Then Should We Eat?." Please click here to access the article:

Also, there has been an unprecedented amount of discussion about the plight of animals, especially turkeys, over the last few weeks, from the infamous Sarah Palin turkey-pardoning debacle in Alaska to Time and Newsweek articles on veganism, vegetarianism, and the tensions that often erupt or simmer between families that are divided on the subject of eating animals. It's so healthy to see our culture begin to have this long-overdue public discussion! A recent undercover investigation shows what turkeys endure in our factory farm system:

And if you know people eating "organic" or "free-range" turkeys, this shows the turkey hatcheries where they come from:
Finally, here are some fun, cruelty-free turkey dishes:

We have also found out recently that agave nectar may have a dark side – that it may not be much different than high-fructose corn syrup. Click here to find out more:

For a smile, here's an article on "Giant Rats as Mankind's New Best Friend:"

We have many events in Texas coming up over the next two weeks, primarily in the areas of Dallas, Austin, and Houston. Please see our tour schedule, for details,
particularly if you know folks (or live) near those areas. We'll be in Florida for the winter, presenting in many areas; the schedule is still evolving there. Please think ahead to early March for the Holistic Holiday At Sea, our first-ever Caribbean cruise leaving from Fort Lauderdale for 8 days featuring, besides Madeleine and me, T. Colin Campbell, Neal Barnard, Christina Pirello, Amrit Desai, Isa
Chandra Moskowitz, Christine Horner, Dirk Benedict, Sherry Rogers, and many more.

Please join us at, and feel free to sign up for our free daily "Veg Inspiration For The Day" at

A big thank-you to all of you who are working diligently to raise consciousness on this Earth, and spreading the light of peace and love through the interconnected webs of relations here. Bless you

That's it for now.
Love and peace,

Will & Madeleine

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