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Veg Inspiration for the Day, January 10th-12th


January 10th

Jesus questioned the foundation of war and oppression, which was then,
as it is now, the killing and eating of animals. Back then it was
animal sacrifice performed by priests at the temple, which was the main
source of wealth and prestige for the Jewish religious power structure,
as well as being the source of meat for the populace. Jesus’
confrontation at the temple in which he drove out those selling animals
for slaughter was a bold attack on the fundamental herding paradigm of
viewing animals merely as property, sacrifice objects, and food.

January 11th

Perhaps in the past people thought they needed to enslave animals and
people to survive, and that the cruelty involved in it was somehow
allowed them. It’s obviously not necessary for us today, as we can
plainly see by walking into any grocery store, and the sooner we can
awaken from the thrall of the obsolete mythos that we are predatory by
nature, the sooner we’ll be able to evolve spiritually and discover and
fulfill our purpose on this earth.

January 12th

A positive approach is essential because it mobilizes our spiritual
resources, generates enthusiasm, and brings more joy and love into our

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