Veg Inspiration, Wednesday

It seems there are three main reasons why people continue to eat
animals in spite of the horror and tragedy this behavior generates. The
first and essential reason is that eating animals is not a behavior
people have ever chosen freely. It has, instead, been forced upon them,
starting at an early age. People have been indoctrinated to do it. The
second reason is because of social pressure. Being so gregarious, we
humans like to fit in and be part of the group, and this militates
strongly against questioning the eating of animal foods. The third big
reason is that people like the taste: they get a certain pleasure that
they are loath to give up. Fortunately, these three fundamental reasons
for eating animal foods are all ultimately invalid and indefensible.
Indoctrination, social pressure, and the self-centered pursuit of
pleasure have been behind all the atrocities we humans have committed,
and when we shine the light of our awareness and truth on them, they
are seen for the weak, erroneous delusions that they truly are.

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