Veg Inspiration. Song of the New Mythos.

Animals on the Jungle Cruise by Scott's Foto Café.

song of the new mythos that yearns to be born through us requires our
spirits to be loving and alive enough to hear and recognize the pain we
are causing through our obsolete food orientation. We are called to
allow our innate mercy and kindness to shine forth and to confront the
indoctrinated assumptions that promote cruelty. While we are granted
varying degrees of privilege depending on our species, race, class, and
gender, we are all harmed when any is harmed; suffering is ultimately
completely interconnected because we are all interconnected, and
socially-constructed privilege only serves to disconnect us from this
truth of our interdependence.

May 9th

In order to
confine and kill animals for food, we must repress our natural
compassion, warping us away from intuition and toward materialism,
violence, and disconnectedness.

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