VegInspiration. Our Spiritual Impulse

- the herd - by absche.

Because of our
herding orientation and our unassuaged guilt complex due to the misery in our
daily meals, we have warped our sacred connection with the infinite loving
source of our life to an ultimate irony: comparing ourselves to sheep, we beg
our shepherd for mercy, but since we show no mercy, we fear deep down we’ll not
be shown mercy either and live in dread of our inevitable death. We bargain and
may proclaim overconfidently that we’re saved and our sins are forgiven (no
matter what atrocities we mete out to animals and people outside our in-group),
or we may reject the whole conventional religious dogma as so much absurd
pablum and rely on the shallow materialism of science. However it happens, our
spiritual impulse is inevitably repressed and distorted by the fear, guilt,
violence, hardness, competitiveness, and shallow reductionism that herding and
eating animals always demands.

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