March 12 Compassion and Health Campaign

I do hope you’ll check out the March 12 World Peace Diet Compassion and Health Campaign I’ve decided to initiate, and which has been getting the most terrific support from the North American (and international) vegan & veg community. It’s this Friday!

What is it? Well, I’m the author of a book called The World Peace Diet, and it’s been out now for several years, and I’m constantly getting emails and messages from people that after and while reading it, they go vegan, and when they give it to others, they go vegan too. The World Peace Diet gives the BIG picture of our culture’s practice of food, and of the ramifications of our routine mistreatment of billions of animals for food – physical, emotional, psychological, cultural, historical, ecological, spiritual.

So it’s a new attempt to bring the vegan message of compassion for all life, nutritional awareness, and sustainability to the mainstream. And the good news is that you can be a big help to this March 12 campaign by finding out more about it, and spreading the word. The more we spread the word about this, the more we are spreading the message of compassion for all life. And it’s just one day away!!

I’ve been working hard on this, and it’s magically been coming together! People have been amazingly supportive and cooperative!!

We now have over 50 vegan and vegetarian businesses, authors, coaches, groups, artists, musicians, yogis, media specialists, wizards, mystics, and altruists offering free bonus gifts, discounts, and prizes to people who partake of The World Peace Diet Compassion and Health Campaign on March 12 (only).

YOU are the key to the success of our project to integrate vegan ideals and behaviors into mainstream North America in the next ten years. It can happen! It must happen if we’re going to have a world to leave to our children. Critical mass is reachable! Spreading the message of The World Peace Diet is an essential key.

To find out more, please go here:

Animals, the Earth, starving people, and future generations are counting on each of us to learn, understand, and spread the word. Tell your friends about this March 12 Campaign. Together, we can make it happen.

Thanks so much!


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