The Greatest Gift

The Greatest Gift

What is the greatest gift you can ever give to yourself? The greatest gift you can give to your loved ones and to the world?

It is the gift of deprogramming yourself.

As we are successful in removing the toxic program that was injected into all of us from infancy, primarily through meals and food, we find our inherent joy, inner peace, creativity, radiant health, compassion, and spiritual clarity spontaneously returning. We become a benevolent force for healing and blessing our world, and we become successful and rich in the only ways that matter–living a life adventure of meaning, healing, authenticity, depth, and love.

How do we deprogram ourselves? By understanding the program. How do we help others? By deprogramming ourselves so our innate wisdom can freely function again. Going vegan is a big part of it, but there’s much more to it.

As I explain in The World Peace Diet, cross-culturally, meals are the most powerful social conditioning factors, and the food program in Western culture underlies everything else: it enforces a mentality of exclusion, reductionism, might makes right, privilege, and disconnectedness. This is the subtext of every meal, and virtually all of us were raised eating this program and incorporating it into our body-mind at the deepest levels.

We yearn to awaken, to live authentically, to contribute our passion, to love and to be loved, to see and to be seen. The essential nexus point where everything comes together is the food program. As we disable this malevolent program, we find that healing naturally takes place – we heal physically, and psychologically, and spiritually, and cognitively. As a culture, we heal, and as a species, and the Earth also is healed as we liberate animals from being reduced to mere food objects. All the dimensions of ourselves from the personal and physical to the spiritual, transpersonal, and cosmic, are interconnected, and as we disable the food program, move toward a vegan diet and way of living based on compassion for all life, our life aligns with a larger purpose and we become a living force for blessing others and ourselves.

Our culture is in a critical situation, and you are needed – more than you probably know! We can turn things around, but we have to go to the roots – to the food program–and effectively deprogram ourselves.

I invite you to join me in discussing and exploring the most empowering, transformational, and benevolent changes we can make in our lives today. Tomorrow night (Tuesday) I’ll host a phone call – to register, please click here.

A week from Thursday (Jan. 27, 2011), I’ll be offering the World Peace Diet Facilitator Training, an 8-week program where we’ll go into all this in much more depth.
Thanks for being the change! Together, if we go to the roots, we can transform our culture and our selves.

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