Veganism is inclusive

Veganism, which is a committed effort to live the ideals of mercy and kindness to others, is indispensable to all spiritual paths, because it emerges from and deepens the understanding that all beings are completely interconnected and interdependent. It is an inclusive movement that advocates a plant-based diet because it includes all sentient creatures within its sphere of concern. The towering spiritual geniuses who have blessed this earth have typically been vegan but have been little concerned whether their foods were cooked or not. For example, when we look at the great Zen masters of China and East Asia of the last 1,500 years, we find people who invariably ate a vegan diet of both cooked and uncooked foods. The desert fathers of the Christian tradition are similar.

Prayer Circle for Today
Today, let us send our prayers to all farmed animals.

May compassion and love reign over all the earth for all farmed animals―Dear ducks, geese, turkeys, chickens; cows, pigs, lambs, bison, elk, deer, and all of you who are suffering today in tiny cages or crowded into feedlots, being beaten, fed poisoned and unnatural food, and for those of you languishing without water or food on trucks or entering the slaughterhouses.

We bear witness to your suffering, we take action to permanently end it, and we continually send out an energy field of love and compassion to comfort you and to transform the hearts and souls of those who support this violent oppression. We send our tears and our prayers on wings of love to you.

Compassion encircles the earth for each of you and for all beings.

( 7 daily prayers by Judy Carman – our daily VegInspiration For The Day – our Prayer Circle For Animals Weekly Update – our Prayer Circle For Animals Facebook Group – our online self-paced WPD Facilitator Training – our WPD Facebook Group

Original watercolor painting by Madeleine Tuttle

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