What if we fail to return home and advocate?

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Loon by visionary artist Madeleine TuttleA primary danger is that we might leave home but not return; that is, we could awaken to the harmfulness inherent in our culture’s commodification of living beings but fail to bring this awakening to our culture by becoming a voice for these beings. If our understanding isn’t articulated in ways that are meaningful for us, it can become imprisoned within us and turn sour, becoming cynicism, anger, despair, and disease. This doesn’t serve us or anyone else.

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One Response to What if we fail to return home and advocate?

  • Thank you for this excellent quote on Father’s Day, 2016.
    I am so grateful to share that my father not only sent me your book, while I lived in the ignorance and apathy of vegetarianism, the following year for my birthday he gave me the gift of participating in the live World Peace Diet facilitators’ certification program. (Unfortunately, I have not made superior use of such inspirational and informational training.) However, I have returned home, literally, to positively influence my family of origin.

    My mother (divorced from my father) has adopted veganism and in her role of matriarch has continued, over the last two years, to provide delicious, organic, home-made vegan meals to her young great grand children. My brother, though not yet vegan, has sworn off all chicken products for the last six years and is steadily helping his wife enjoy more plant-based options.

    It is “slow going,” as no “prophet is recognized in his home town,” but they see my joy and vitality–as well as that of my vegan, marathon-running, senior-citizen dad–and realize so much of their suffering is NOT necessarily “genetic” in nature. While for a few years I really relished being the mysterious, traveling vegan advocate, it has been rewarding to see my relatives make kinder, wiser choices, and to be known to them as a less-than-perfect person who strives to do this beautiful, simple thing (be vegan) in the practice of the principles in all my affairs, the most fundamental choices being in what I decide to eat, and whom I choose not to eat.

    Happy Father’s Day!
    You must be the progenitor of the most beautiful and loving family the world has ever seen.

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