Tremendous psychological forces at play

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Cow by visionary artist Madeleine TuttleThe shadow is a vital and undeniable force that cannot, in the end, be repressed. The tremendous psychological forces required to confine, mutilate, and kill millions of animals every day, and to keep the whole bloody slaughter repressed and invisible, work in two ways. One way is to numb, desensitize, and armor us, which decreases our intelligence and ability to make connections. The other is to force us to act out exactly what we are repressing. This is done through projection. We create an acceptable target to loathe for being violent, cruel, and tyrannical—the very qualities that we refuse to acknowledge in ourselves—and then we attack it.

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One Response to Tremendous psychological forces at play

  • Maryanne Turvin says:

    thank you Will. Your words reach deep places of truth and knowing within me. Since seeing you n Rochester ,I have been extremely sensitive to the violence to animals and vow to honor them with my own habits and ehaviors as well as influence others whenever I can. I pass around your DisCource cd on The World Peace Diet and will continue to circulate it and encourage others to do the same. I have also given my life to veganism and living in peace in word and actions. Thank you to you and Madaline for the visionaries you are and all you continue to do to bring true peace into our world. Much love and deep respect, Maryanne

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