Inner & Outer Food as Medicine, Kitchari, and VegFests – Feb. 4, 2022

Dear friends,

We are doing our best to remind people of the wisdom of the great ancient Greek physician, Hippocrates, who advised us to “Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.” Somehow in all the panicked health argumentation over the past couple of years, the tremendous power of food to be a force for healing us (or harming us) has been lost in the shuffle.

And what exactly is food? There are two types—outer and inner—and of course we all now are finally recognizing that, in terms of outer food, the foundation for radiant health for ourselves, our Earth, and our society is food that is 100% plant-based, organic, whole, and as locally-sourced as possible.

We are also recognizing that the quality of the inner food we are consuming is equally significant, and that this relates to our thoughts, feelings, aspirations, relationships, and spiritual awareness. These are linked to our understanding of our essential nature as being non-material consciousness that is eternal, and that is a manifestation our source, as love, creativity, and freedom.

When enough of us understand and exemplify healthy and compassionate inner and outer ways of partaking of the foods that are available to us here in Earth’s Garden of all possibilities, we will co-create a benevolent truth-field that can liberate both the animals we are abusing and consuming and we humans ourselves, currently imprisoned in the delusions of fear, disease, and separation. May the frequency of our food, our thoughts, and our aspirations climb ever higher for the benefit of all living beings!

We are now embarking on the second part of the Florida leg of our World Awakening Tour, and we are looking forward to the upcoming presentations we will be making at VegFests in Gainesville, Bonita, and Port Charlotte in the next few weeks, as well as a special half-day workshop on The Art of Healthy Living at the renowned Miami vegan center, Aguacate Sanctuary of Love. Please see our tour schedule for all details. We will be heading back to California in March; if you would like to work together to put on an event promoting vegan living in your area, please let us know.

Madeleine has recently posted a new video in her Madeleine’s Intuitive Kitchen series and this one is a big hit: how to make the simple, delicious, and nutritious Indian dish Kitchari. This has been a key staple of healthy Indian cuisine for many centuries.

Madeleine has been knitting up a storm lately creating a whole new line of vibrant cotton wrist warmers that people are loving for warmth, beauty, and as gifts.

Finally, we are hosting a meditation this evening (Friday) via Zoom at 5 pm Pacific, 8 pm Eastern, our World Peace gathering for truth and freedom.

Many thanks to the terrific staff people at Hippocrates Wellness where we have spent the past weeks giving lecture and concert events, and also to the many local vegan organizers who are facilitating our events, and we and looking forward to seeing more of you in the coming weeks and months, either in person or through our online events.

Our Worldwide Vegan Summit for Truth and Freedom Telegram group is active also, and always welcoming new participants.

Thanks for caring, and for standing up for the essential vegan value: respect for the sovereignty of individual beings.

With gratitude and love,
Will & Madeleine
Dr. Will Tuttle
The World Peace Diet;
The  World Peace Diet Facilitator Training

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