Veganic Gardening for Abundance

We thank you for your commitment to not only your own health, but to the health of ecosystems, animals, and our culture.  As challenges continue to escalate across our planet, we continue working to keep the vital truth-momentum growing in human consciousness: an organic whole-food, plant-based way of eating and living based on respect for all living beings is the essential foundation of a world of abundance, freedom, justice, and harmony for all of us.
We have a new video, Gardening for Abundance, that we recently made in collaboration with the U.K.’s Vegan Organic Network, featuring our Food Forest here in northern California. Please check it out! – we have the opportunity to do a deep dive into the importance of local veganic agriculture and to offer a lot of helpful and practical tips for how you can make progress in growing your own healthy and delicious vegetables, fruits, and berries. Our beloved fruit and nut trees, berry bushes, grape vines, and all our friends growing in our raised vegetable beds have taught us a lot and they have a lot to share with you as well.
Also, Madeleine has a terrific new addition to her Intuitive Kitchen YouTube series: Oatley On the Go… You won’t want to miss this one either – we all know now how super-nutritious organic oats can be, and Madeleine keeps coming up with innovative and easy-breezy ways to prepare oats that are perfect for travels and also for an uplifting meal at home. This is our daily lunch, wherever we are…
Additionally, we just did a “life-changing” interview video with Ms. FitVegan, 5 Reasons to go Vegan ASAP: Why Consuming Dairy is Worse than Red Meat and it has been getting lots of enthusiastic comments; timely and effective resource also for sharing the World Peace Diet message with friends and family.
Two more videos you may find informative and uplifting: Veganism as an Ancient Wisdom Teaching – our recent interview with Mike Young, organizer of many Florida VegFests.
Also, our Sunday morning presentation earlier this year on Spiritual Intuition and Compassion for Animals at Unity of Citrus County in Florida, including a guided meditation and original piano music.
Finally, our friends at the VegHealth Institute will be presenting a complimentary 3-day online Nutrition Mastery Webinar starting on July 26 to help you cut through all the misinformation and confusion surrounding a plant-based life and make sure you have all the answers you need to thrive as a healthy, happy vegan. As part of this event, VegHealth is also giving away some helpful bonuses, just for registering.
We appreciate your efforts to help build a positive response to humanity’s current challenges: local networking and support for vegan whole foods, cultivating kindness in all our relations, meditating on the joy and beauty of our Earth, working for peace and justice, and questioning the official narratives of the mainstream media.
That’s it for now – many thanks for your contributions to building a world of peace, respect, and freedom for all beings.

For the animals and all of us –

Will and Madeleine
Dr. Will Tuttle
PS – If you’d like to go more in depth with some of these ideas, including on vegan living, please look into  our self-paced online training, the World Peace Diet Facilitator Training.
Scholarships are available.

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