Revolutionary Spring Cleaning

It seems more critical than ever that we stay vigilant regarding the rampant deception filling many mainstream media outlets, and stay strong, healthy and free so that we can effectively contribute to the liberation of animals, and to sustainability and peace in our world.

We have all been given a wonderful gift: the gift of a physical body that doesn’t require any animals to be imprisoned or abused in order to get all the nutrients needed to thrive and celebrate our lives on this beautiful and abundant planet Earth.

In this spirit of springtime joy and gratitude, we like to share with you this brand-new video from Madeleine’s Intuitive Kitchen: Spring Smoothie (Spring Cleaning with Fresh Greens). A delicious, nutritious, and cleansing way to start these precious days, and to be proactive in taking responsibility for our health.

Radiant health is the foundation of freedom, and we can always learn more about the keys to healthy vegan living. A long-recognized helpful resource in this is the online Food Revolution Summit Docuseries, hosted by our friends John and Ocean Robbins. This event, their largest and perhaps best ever, features cutting-edge and empowering nutritional information on the many benefits of vegan and organic ways of eating. It starts tomorrow, April 25, so don’t delay.

Finally, we continue to make progress in finalizing our new book, Food for Freedom, ever deepening our understanding of the spiritual, ethical, nutritional, and cultural benefits of radically questioning the prevailing narratives in our society today. We’ll keep you posted when it’s available.

Thanks for caring, and for refusing to comply with social or political mandates that facilitate exploitation or undermine respect for the sovereignty of individual beings.

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