Veg Inspiration. Song of the New Mythos.

Will Tuttle : May 10, 2009

Animals on the Jungle Cruise by Scott's Foto Café.

song of the new mythos that yearns to be born through us requires our
spirits to be loving and alive enough to hear and recognize the pain we
are causing through our obsolete food orientation. We are called to
allow our innate mercy and kindness to shine forth and to confront the
indoctrinated assumptions that promote cruelty. While we are granted
varying degrees of privilege depending on our species, race, class, and
gender, we are all harmed when any is harmed; suffering is ultimately
completely interconnected because we are all interconnected, and
socially-constructed privilege only serves to disconnect us from this
truth of our interdependence.

May 9th

In order to
confine and kill animals for food, we must repress our natural
compassion, warping us away from intuition and toward materialism,
violence, and disconnectedness.

Veg Inspiration. Hear Your Calling.

Will Tuttle : May 8, 2009

The calling we hear today is the persistent call to evolve. It is part of a larger song to which we all contribute and that lives in our cells and in the essential nature of the universe that gives rise to our being. It is a song, ultimately, of healing, joy, and celebration because all of us, humans and non-humans alike, are expressions of a beautiful and benevolent universe. It is also a song of darkest pain and violation, due to our accepted practices of dominating, commodifying, and killing animals and people.

Veg Inspiration. Willingness to Change.

Will Tuttle : May 6, 2009
pigs.jpg by WorldPeaceDiet.

Eating animal foods is a fundamental cause of our dilemmas, but we will squirm every which way to avoid confronting this. It is our defining blind spot and is the essential missing piece to the puzzle of human peace and freedom. Because of our culturally inherited behavior of abusing the animals we use for food and ignoring this abuse, we are exceedingly hesitant to look behind the curtain of our denial, talk with each other about the consequences of our meals, and change our behavior to reflect what we see and know. This unwillingness is socially supported and continually reinforced.

Veg Inspiration. Making Connections.

Will Tuttle : May 5, 2009

Austin Farmer's Market by you.

Until we are willing and able to make the connections between what we are eating and what was required to get it on our plate, and how it affects us to buy, serve, and eat it, we will be unable to make the connections that will allow us to live wisely and harmoniously on this earth. When we cannot make connections, we cannot understand, and we are less free, less intelligent, less loving, and less happy. The most crucial task for our generation, our group mission on this earth, perhaps, is to make some essential connections that our parents and ancestors have been mostly unable to make, and thus to evolve a healthier human society to bequeath to our children.

Veg Inspiration. Why are we stressed?

Will Tuttle : May 4, 2009

stress.jpg by WorldPeaceDiet.

As children, through constant exposure to the complex patterns of belief surrounding our most elaborate group ritual, eating food, we ingested our culture’s values and invisible assumptions. Like sponges, we learned, we noticed, we partook, and we became acculturated. Now, as adults, finding our lives beset with stress and a range of daunting problems of our own making, we rightly yearn to understand the source of our frustrating inability to live in harmony on this earth.

Veg Inspiration. Emerson.

Will Tuttle : May 3, 2009

‚ÄúThe world is his who can see through its pretensions. What deafness, what stone-blind custom, what overgrown error you behold, is there only by sufferance‚Äîyour sufferance… See it to be a lie, and you have already dealt it a mortal blow.‚Äù

Veg Inspiration. Our Most Intimate Connection.

Will Tuttle : May 2, 2009

Aswan Market by PsymonX69.

Food is actually our most intimate and telling connection both with the natural order and with our living cultural heritage. Through eating the plants and animals of this earth we literally incorporate them, and it is also through this act of eating that we partake of our culture’s values and paradigms at the most primal and unconscious levels.


Will Tuttle : May 1, 2009
chicken.jpg by WorldPeaceDiet.

Vegans say swine flu would be more appropriately names factory farm flu. In fact, for the last several thousand years, epidemiologists have established that virtually all the plagues and many of the diseases afflicting humans have been caused by "zoonosis" – the transmittal of diseases from animals to humans. By keeping and herding animals unnaturally, we fall prey to viruses and bacteria that we would normally never be exposed to and by hyperconfining animals for food in factory farms, we compound the problem.

factory-farm-pigs-md.jpg by WorldPeaceDiet.

Some examples of these animal-sourced diseases: AIDS, bubonic plague, cholera, diphtheria, Ebola, measles, SARS, smallpox, West Nile virus, swine flu and avian flu. We do not catch diseases from plants! Do you know anyone who has come down with Dutch Elm Disease? The reason that native American people were wiped out by diseases brought by European settlers was that they had not built up the immunities that Europeans had over their centuries of herding and living with livestock. 

There is ultimately only one solution to plagues and pandemics, and it is the same solution to virtually all our human-caused problems and disasters: go vegan. Do it now and be part of the solution rather than part of the problem.

Veg Inspiration. Answering the Call of Spirit.

Will Tuttle : May 1, 2009

Bird on Wire Sunset by you.

Seeing our eating habits for what they are, and answering the call of our spirit to understand the consequences of our actions, we become open to compassion, intelligence, freedom, and to living the truth of our interconnectedness with all life. There is an enormously positive revolution implicit in this, a spiritual transformation that can potentially launch our culture into a quantum evolutionary leap, from emphasizing consumption, domination, and self-preoccupation to nurturing creativity, liberation, inclusion, and cooperation.

Veg Inspiration. Eating like Predators.

Will Tuttle : April 30, 2009

By confining and killing animals for food, we have brought violence into our bodies and minds and disturbed the physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual dimensions of our selves in deep and intractable ways. Our meals require us to eat like predators and thus to see ourselves as such, cultivating and justifying predatory behaviors and institutions that are the antithesis of the inclusiveness and kindness that accompany spiritual growth.

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