VegInspiration. Our Connection

Will Tuttle : August 29, 2009

Flowering fruit tree by jpctalbot.

Our welfare is
ultimately dependent on the welfare of others. By freeing and encouraging
others we are liberated and encouraged. We can never sever our connection to
all beings, but we can ignore and violate it, planting seeds of tragedy and

Photo by: John Talbot

VegInspiration. The Feminine Principle

Will Tuttle : August 28, 2009

PhotonQ-Beelee the Bee by PhOtOnQuAnTiQuE.

Liberating and
honoring the feminine principle is perhaps the most pressing task in our
culture’s evolution toward peace, sustainability, and spiritual maturity. The
feminine principle, cross-culturally, is concerned fundamentally with
nurturing, receptivity, making connections, intuition, and bringing forth new

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VegInspiration. The Inner Feminine

Will Tuttle : August 27, 2009

Halong Bay fruit seller by Andrew Hux.

inner feminine is our intuition, our sensitivity, and our ability to sense the
profound interconnectedness of events and beings, and it is vital to peace,
wisdom, joy, intelligence, creativity, and spiritual awakening. With every baby
calf stolen from her mother and killed, with every gallon of milk stolen from
enslaved and broken mothers, with every thrust of the raping sperm gun, with
every egg stolen from a helpless, frantic hen, and with every baby chick killed
or locked for life in a hellish nightmare cage, we kill the sacred feminine
within ourselves.

Photo By: Andrew Hux

VegInspiration. Do No Harm

Will Tuttle : August 26, 2009

Fruit Salad Plumeria by mad plumerian.

Many spiritual
teachers have pointed out that when we harm others, we harm ourselves even more
severely. The hard-heartedness of the killer and exploiter is in itself a
terrible punishment because it is a loss of sensitivity to the beauty and
sacredness of life. That loss may go unrecognized, but the life itself,
armored, violent, and competitive, is lived as a struggle of separateness and
underlying fear, and its relations with others are poisoned.

VegInspiration. Regain Freedom

Will Tuttle : August 25, 2009

Prickly Pear Fruit, So Ripe! by cobalt123.

When we uproot
exclusion and domination from our plates, seeds of compassion can finally
freely blossom, and this process depends primarily on us watering the seeds and
fully contributing our unique journey. We depend on each other, and as we free
the beings we call animals, we will regain our freedom. Loving them, we will
learn to love each other and be fully loved.

Photo by: Cobalt

VegInspiration. Seeds of Awakening

Will Tuttle : August 24, 2009

Aaron herding a Haflinger by sturmele.

Within us lie
seeds of awakening and compassion that may be already sprouting. Our individual
journeys of transformation and spiritual evolution call us to question who and
what we’ve been told we and others are, to discover and cultivate the seeds of
insight and clarity within us, and to realize the connections we’ve been taught
to ignore. As we do this and as our web of journeys interweaves within our
culture, cross-fertilizing and planting seeds, we can continue the
transformation that is now well underway, and transcend the obsolete old
paradigm that generates cycles of violence.

Photo By: Sabina Fata

VegInspiration. A Herding Culture.

Will Tuttle : August 23, 2009

herd mentality.... by shellsnaps.

We have all been
born into a herding culture that commodifies animals, and we have all been
affected by the cruelty, violence, and predatory competitiveness that our meals
require and that our culture embodies. We’ve also been taught to be loyal to
our culture and relatively uncritical of it, to disconnect from the monumental
horror we needlessly perpetuate, and to be oblivious to the disastrous effects
this has on every level of our shared and private lives.

Photo by: Shelly Watson

VegInspiration. Our Profoundest Apologies.

Will Tuttle : August 22, 2009

I met her today by you.

We owe the
animals our profoundest apologies. Defenseless and unable to retaliate, they
have suffered immense agonies under our domination that most of us have never
witnessed or acknowledged. Now knowing better, we can act better, and acting
better, we can live better, and give the animals, our children, and ourselves a
true reason for hope and celebration.

VegInspiration. Simply Awareness

Will Tuttle : August 21, 2009

From the
outside, it may look like and be called “veganism,” but it is simply awareness
and the expression of our sense of interconnectedness. It manifests naturally
as inclusiveness and caring. It’s no big deal, for it’s the normal functioning
of our original nature, which unfailingly sees beings rather than things when
it looks at our neighbors on this earth.

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