VegInspiration. No Longer Chained.

Will Tuttle : August 20, 2009

i'll be your friend by you.

Refraining from
eating and using animals is the natural result of seeing that is no longer
chained within the dark and rigid dungeon of narrow self-interest.

VegInspiration. Circle of Compassion

Will Tuttle : August 19, 2009

my new friend Flint by you.

As our hearts
open to deeper understanding, our circle of compassion naturally enlarges and
spontaneously begins to include more and more “others”—not just our own tribe,
sect, nation, or race, but all human beings, and not just humans, but other
mammals, and birds, fish, forests, and the whole beautifully interwoven
tapestry of living, pulsing creation. All beings. All of Us.

Greeting from the Road (Chicago Area)

Will Tuttle : August 18, 2009

Greetings from the road (Chicago area)! We're heading to California and Hawaii for a month for several exciting events that we hope you can join or pass along the word about. The first is the Fifth Annual Living Light Expo that will be
held in Fort Bragg, northern California, on August 21-23. I will be
speaking on The World Peace Diet and on the spiritual dimension of
food, as well as speaking and providing original uplifting piano music
for the featured event: The Green Revolution, a Saturday evening
highlight event held in Cotton Auditorium in Fort Bragg and open to
the general public at no charge, featuring keynote presentations by
famed authors and activists John Robbins, Howard Lyman, and Cherie
Soria. The Living Light Expo (Friday through Sunday) will be featuring
many leading presenters on veganism, health and spirituality. For all
the info:

Following this expo, on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday morning,
Madeleine and I will be offering a unique opportunity to engage in the
ideas of The World Peace Diet in a beautiful setting in Mendocino, CA.
Entitled “Creating A New Culture Of Peace,” the retreat will run from
Sunday afternoon through Tuesday at noon, and will be held on the
beautiful grounds of the Stanford Inn resort, about 3 hours north of
San Francisco. The retreat will be an empowering two days of intensive
exploration of the benevolent revolution discussed in The World Peace
Diet, along with relaxation, recreation, and gourmet vegan meals.
Participants will receive tools they can use to more effectively live,
share, and teach the ideas in The World Peace Diet, and upon
completion of the weekend, will be certified to facilitate World Peace
Diet classes and study groups. Through an exciting variety of
exercises, guided meditations, and talks by Will, we will have the
opportunity to deepen our capacity to help manifest the positive
change we want to see in the world.  Click here for complete
information on this retreat:

I will be speaking on The World Peace Diet in Garberville, CA, on
August 27, in Santa Rosa on September 3, and in Honolulu on September
8, Maui on September 11, and at Kalani Resort on the big island on
September 16. Please see our schedule for all the details:
This fall, we'll be offering presentations in Illinois. Indiana,
Michigan, Ohio, Massachusetts, and Georgia.

Finally, there is a beautiful new 2-part video on our website of the
work we've been doing to promote compassion for all life, as well as
of my recent speech at the 2009 Animal Rights Conference in L.A.:

Deep thanks to the many people who have helped facilitate the recent
events in Santa Barbara, Grand Rapids, and Muskegon, among other
places. And thanks to you for your efforts to promote peace, justice,
freedom, and joy for all!

That's it for now,

Will & Madeleine


Vibrant Living Expo Live Stream Reminder

Will Tuttle : August 18, 2009

Dear Friends, 

hope you have had a chance to view the Vibrant Living Expo videos and
the website about this year’s LIVE streaming event. I think the
organizers have come up with a great option for those who want to
attend but cannot be there in person. The Expo is next weekend, August
21-23, 2009, so you still have a few days to register for Expo LIVE.
And if you sign up by midnight Thursday, you can still take advantage
of the $79 discounted price … I hope you will!

Here again is the link to the program description:

Or go directly to Expo Live Registration

Hoping your summer is healthy and bright,

Dr. Will Tuttle

VegInspiration. Vegan Congressman

Will Tuttle : August 18, 2009

congressman Dennis Kucinich said in a speech in 2002:

“I have seen
groups of people overcome incredible odds as they became aware they are
participating in a cause beyond self and sense the movement of the inexorable
which comes from unity.

VegInspiration. The New Way of Eating

Will Tuttle : August 17, 2009

Bale Of Straw during sunset by Philipp Klinger

Our inherited
meal traditions require a mentality of violence and denial that silently
radiates into every aspect of our private and public lives, permeating our
institutions and generating the crises, dilemmas, inequities, and suffering
that we seek in vain to understand and effectively address. A new way of eating
no longer based on privilege, commodification, and exploitation is not only
possible but essential and inevitable. Our innate intelligence demands it.

Photo By: Philipp Klinger

VegInspiration. A Note in the Glorious Chord

Will Tuttle : August 16, 2009

Red Poppies And A Dramatic Sunset Sky by Philipp Klinger.

Once we see and
understand, we become a voice for the voiceless, a note in the glorious chord
of healing and awakening that is endlessly unfolding in our shared

Photo by: Phillip Klinger

VegInspiration. The Ripening Process

Will Tuttle : August 15, 2009

yum by you.

Looking behind
the curtain to the horrific suffering inherent in animal foods, asking
questions, contemplating spiritual teachings, cultivating the higher knowing of
intuition, and observing the example of other vegans all contribute to the
ripening process. Once we can clearly see the universal law or principle underlying
veganism, we can experience a spiritual transformation that allows greater
possibilities of freedom and happiness.

VegInspiration. Our Intuitive Heart.

Will Tuttle : August 14, 2009

Becoming vegan
is not so much a decision made with our intellect as it is a natural
consequence of inner ripening. While it’s certainly helpful to comprehend
intellectually the vast mandala of negative consequences of eating animal
foods, we find that we are propelled into veganism by our intuition. As our
intuitive heart opens, it opens to understanding our connection with others and
to including them within the sphere of our concern.

VegInspiration. Peace in Nature

Will Tuttle : August 13, 2009

i need one of those magic balls! by you.

Veganism kindles
a deep sense of peace in nature and of kinship, fellowship, and harmony with
all life. It encourages a sense of inner richness that keeps growing and
deepening as years go by, a sense of gentleness and of purpose.

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