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Will Tuttle : April 7, 2009

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We are taught as children to practice certain ways of seeing the world
and of relating to others, and we gradually become adept in these
practices. In our culture, we are taught to practice disconnecting the
reality of animal flesh and secretions in our meals from the actual
reality of the animal cruelty required to get them onto our plates.

Going vegan is a commitment to practice something else, to practice in
a completely different way than we were taught by our culture. Instead
of practicing desensitizing, disconnecting, and reducing others, we
practice reconnecting, resensitizing ourselves, and respecting others.
This commitment comes from deep within us, from our inherent compassion
and our inner urge to evolve spiritually and to live with awareness,
kindness, freedom, and joy.

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April 6th
It is illuminating to look at our treatment of animals and see how our
mistreatment of them has painful repercussions for us. The ironies
involved are remarkable. For example, animals in the wild are never
fat, but animals raised for food are severely confined and fed special
diets and given drugs and hormones in order to make them unnaturally
fat. They’re sold by the pound, after all. Sowing obesity in billions
of animals we reap it in ourselves.

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April 5th

The essence of the mentality that allows us to confine and kill animals
for food is the mentality of exclusion. We are all taught by our
culture from infancy to exclude certain beings from the sphere of our
compassion. Veganism is a radical response to this: it is a mentality
of utter inclusion: we consciously practice including all living beings
within our circle of caring; we exclude no one.

Anger is an
expression of exclusion. It destroys veganism and compassion. We are
called, as vegans, to transform our anger toward those who are harming
animals, people, the Earth, and future generations into compassion and
understanding for them.

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April 4th
Fish absorb and intensely concentrate toxins like PCBs, dioxins,
radioactive substances, and heavy metals like mercury, lead, cadmium,
and arsenic, all of which are linked to cancer as well as nervous
system disorders, kidney damage, and impaired mental functioning. They
contain excessive amounts of cholesterol, animal protein, and
hazardous, blood-altering oils. Besides contributing directly to human
disease and suffering through the toxicity of its products, the seafood
industry causes enormous damage to marine ecosystems throughout the

Veg Inspiration, Friday

Will Tuttle : April 3, 2009

Stay open and sensitive to the suffering of both animals and humans, and bring as much loving-kindness as you can to all your relationships with others, including yourself. We are all connected, and your joy brings joy to others and makes your veganism more appealing and contagious to others.

Veg Inspiration, Thursday

Will Tuttle : April 2, 2009

crd_island_of_love.jpg by WorldPeaceDiet.

The revolution implicit in veganism is a revolution of universal love and inclusiveness and its energy of joy can wash the planet clean and transform ugly human folly. Give thanks every day for the joy in your heart and that you see reflected in the birds, flowers, trees, and in the whole web of celebrating life, for that is what you are.

Veg Inspiration, Wednesday

Will Tuttle : April 1, 2009

The foundation of our culture’s systemic violence against animals for food is a mentality of exclusion. For us as vegans to be a force for the revolution of compassion that is called for if our culture is to survive, we must heal the mentality of exclusion within ourselves, and exclude no one from our understanding and compassion. We don’t have the luxury to cultivate anger, or allow it to be a motivation, because anger is a poison that is inherently exclusionary. We are called, as Gandhi said, to be the change we want to see. There is no motivation more revolutionary than joy-filled loving-kindness.

Veg Inspiration

Will Tuttle : March 31, 2009

Translucsence by LukeSkytoker.

The act of regularly eating foods derived from confined and brutalized animals forces us to become somewhat emotionally desensitized, and this numbing and inner armoring make it possible for us as a culture to devastate the earth, slaughter people in wars, and support oppressive social structures without feeling remorse.

By going vegan, we’re taking responsibility for the effects of our actions on vulnerable beings and we’re resensitizing ourselves. We’re becoming more alive, and more able to feel both grief and joy. Kahlil Gibran points out in The Prophet that unless we are able to feel our grief and weep our tears, we will not be able to laugh our laughter, either. Turning our pain and outrage into action on behalf of vulnerable beings will bring healing to us and to our world.

March 30th

As vegans, we’re a force for healing and compassion every day and at every meal. Our way of living exemplifies mercy and promotes freedom, and offers opportunities to unfold wisdom and help heal our world. These are true causes for an abiding sense of joy. Even in the midst of grief and outrage at our culture’s cruelty, we can be glad that our ability to feel is reawakening.

Veg Inspiration, Sunday

Will Tuttle : March 29, 2009

As vegans, we may feel sad, bitter, misunderstood, and isolated by the
apparently oblivious attitudes of our culture, friends, and families.
What can we do?

In a few words, we can cultivate a sense of joy and
thankfulness. In the face of our culture’s unrelenting pressure to view
animals as mere food commodities, going vegan is a victory for peace, a
real spiritual breakthrough.

March 28th

From the viewpoint of its deepest and most eternal and universal
teachings—to love God, and to love our neighbor as ourself—the Bible unequivocally condemns animal slavery just as it condemns human slavery. We must stop using the Bible to justify animal abuse, but rather use it to guide us in our quest for peace and justice for all beings.

Read Article at “Inside the Mind of a Vegan Blog”

Will Tuttle : March 28, 2009

Will Tuttle brings World Peace Diet to Sarasota

Veg Inspiration, Friday

Will Tuttle : March 27, 2009

What goes around comes around. We must as a species stop the violence that is inherent in our meat habit. This should be of paramount importance for all religious movements and teachers. It is the call of spirituality. If our religions don’t hear this call, we must revitalize
them or create new ones that do.

March 26th

Since the decision to become a vegan is at its core an ethical one, spirituality, which is the foundation of ethics, must be the foundation of veganism as well.

The spiritual element within us encourages us
not to harm others, but to express love and practice compassion.
Compassion brings the intuition of spiritual awareness into daily life as actions that serve to help and bless others. Veganism is clearly a vital expression of this compassion that springs from our felt sense of connectedness with others. While it may not necessarily be religious, at its core, veganism is spiritual, and it is an expression of love. It is a concrete way that we can all be lovers.

Veg Inspiration, Wednesday

Will Tuttle : March 25, 2009

Veganism is, I’ve found, a litmus test of religious teachings and religious teachers. To the degree that religious teachings do not explicitly encourage veganism, which is the practice of nonviolence and lovingkindness, to that same degree these teachings are hypocritical and disconnected from their spiritual source.

Veg Inspiration, Tuesday

Will Tuttle : March 24, 2009

Cool as a cow by aftab..

Each of us is radically and profoundly interconnected with all other living beings, and by blessing and encouraging and seeing the best in others, we help everyone, and by condemning or turning away from others, we harm everyone, including ourselves.. Shining compassion to everyone, even our apparent opponents, is the essence of the benevolent revolution that is veganism.

And not only that, going vegan’s a practical contribution to the energy crisis, hunger, and climate change. So keep building that connection to the inner sun and shine!

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