VegInspiration. The Ripening Process

Will Tuttle : August 15, 2009

yum by you.

Looking behind
the curtain to the horrific suffering inherent in animal foods, asking
questions, contemplating spiritual teachings, cultivating the higher knowing of
intuition, and observing the example of other vegans all contribute to the
ripening process. Once we can clearly see the universal law or principle underlying
veganism, we can experience a spiritual transformation that allows greater
possibilities of freedom and happiness.

VegInspiration. Our Intuitive Heart.

Will Tuttle : August 14, 2009

Becoming vegan
is not so much a decision made with our intellect as it is a natural
consequence of inner ripening. While it’s certainly helpful to comprehend
intellectually the vast mandala of negative consequences of eating animal
foods, we find that we are propelled into veganism by our intuition. As our
intuitive heart opens, it opens to understanding our connection with others and
to including them within the sphere of our concern.

VegInspiration. Peace in Nature

Will Tuttle : August 13, 2009

i need one of those magic balls! by you.

Veganism kindles
a deep sense of peace in nature and of kinship, fellowship, and harmony with
all life. It encourages a sense of inner richness that keeps growing and
deepening as years go by, a sense of gentleness and of purpose.

VegInspiration. Powerful Antidotes

Will Tuttle : August 12, 2009

The most
powerful antidotes to cruelty, abuse, and indifference are not anger and
sadness, but love, peace, joy, and openhearted creative enthusiasm for this
precious gift of a human life. Just as Thich Nhat Hanh has wisely said that
without inner peace, we cannot contribute to the peace movement, so it is also
that without inner freedom, we cannot contribute to the liberation of animals,
which is the essential prerequisite to meaningful human freedom.

VegInspiration. Human Spiritual Evolution

Will Tuttle : August 11, 2009

Our human
spiritual evolution is a calling to liberate ourse
lves and the animals we hold
in bondage. It’s founded upon recognizing the unity of cause and effect:
whatever seeds we sow in our consciousness we will reap in our lives. The
ancient teaching holds true: “Hatred ceases not by hatred, but by love. This is
the everlasting law.” In the end, as Mahatma Gandhi emphasized, we must be the
change we want to see in the world.

VegInspiration. See Yourself in Others

Will Tuttle : August 10, 2009

Bhuddha.jpg by WorldPeaceDiet.

beings tremble before violence. All fear death. All love life. See yourself in
others. Then whom can you hurt? What harm can you do?‚Äù            -Buddha

VegInspiration. The Light and The Images.

Will Tuttle : August 9, 2009

St Augustine Beach Sunrise by anadelmann.

Just as waves
are manifestations of the ocean and inseparable from it, we are both the light
that makes the movie possible and the images on the screen illuminated by that
light, each of us unique and contributing our voice, passion, and spirit to the
unfolding story. With this understanding, we can live to help and bless others
with both a sense of urgency, which is required and appropriate, and a sense of
spaciousness that doesn’t blame others or fight with them. Blaming and fighting
only generate resistance and reinforce the delusion of separateness.

Photo by Andreas Adelmann

VegInspiration. Spiritual Connection.

Will Tuttle : August 8, 2009

Butterfly for Anna by anadelmann.

The spiritual
connection between animals and humans grows out of understanding that we are
all expressions of eternal benevolent consciousness, and as we acknowledge this
interconnection and live in harmony with it, our lives become prayers of
compassion and healing.

Photo by Andreas Adelmann

Veg Inspiration. Truth of Being.

Will Tuttle : August 7, 2009

Summer in Pillnitz by anadelmann.

As we hold
steadfastly to the truth of being, knowing that compassion is irresistible and
that it encircles the earth through us and many others, and as we live this
understanding in our daily lives and share it with others, we create a field of
kindness and sow seeds of cultural transformation. There are no enemies because
we are all related.

Photo by Andreas Adelmann

Veg Inspiration. Inner Field of Peace.

Will Tuttle : August 6, 2009

Butterflies by anadelmann.

By creating an
inner field of peace, kindness, joy, and unity, we contribute to building a
planetary field of compassion that reflects this consciousness.

Photo by Andreas Adelmann

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