Veg Inspiration. Love Propels Us.

Will Tuttle : June 17, 2009

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The more we connect, the more we
understand and the more we love, and this love propels us not only to leave
home, questioning our culture’s attitude of domination and exclusion, but also
to return home, speaking on behalf of those who are vulnerable.

Veg Inspiration. Urge to show Mercy.

Will Tuttle : June 16, 2009

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urge to show mercy and to protect those who are vulnerable is rooted deeply in
us, and though it has been repressed by our herding culture, there is enormous
evidence that it longs to be expressed by virtually all of us. We will
collectively donate millions of dollars, for example, to help just one animal
if we know the animal’s story and our intelligence and compassion have been
awakened by our connecting with this animal.

Veg Inspiration. The Price of Taste.

Will Tuttle : June 15, 2009

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the taste that we prize in animal foods is more like the sex we would have as
rapists, for the prostitute may at least consent and profit from our cravings,
but the animal is always forced against her will to be tortured and killed for
our taste and questionable pleasure.

Veg Inspiration. Undeniable Interconnectedness.

Will Tuttle : June 14, 2009

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a vegan, we are always so, because our motivation is not personal and
self-oriented, but is based on concern for others and on our undeniable
interconnectedness with other living beings.

Our Future is Vegan

Will Tuttle : June 13, 2009

We live on the road. For fourteen years now Madeleine and I have been plying North America’s highways in our ’86 diesel pick-up that pulls our solar-powered fifth wheel “rolling home” across this beautiful land. Although we only drive about fifteen to twenty thousand miles per year, following the geese in spring and fall, and presenting around 150 lectures, concerts, and workshops annually, we are able to get a pretty good glimpse into what’s happening here. For me, two things especially stand out. One—monoculture agribusiness. Huge fields of corn, soybeans, hay, alfalfa, and other grains and legumes grown primarily to feed our billions of hyperconfined cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, and fish. Two—hospitals and medical facilities. They are springing up like mushrooms after the rain—in large part due to the flood of people hyperconsuming the flesh, eggs, and milk of the aforementioned creatures.

North and south, east and west, monocultures and hospitals. Drugged and poisoned land with all its inevitable results. According to recent statistics from the Department of Agriculture, a whopping 86 percent of U.S. agricultural land is devoted to just four crops— corn, soy, hay, and wheat—the main crops used to feed and fatten confined animals. By contrast, growing all the vegetables in the U.S. requires only 1.5 percent of our agricultural land! And for all the orchards and vineyards that provide our nuts, berries, and fruits, it’s just 1.6 percent! Just three percent of our farmland produces all our fruits, veggies, and nuts! Talk about small footprint! Last fall, for example, as we were driving through Iowa, and I was delivering lectures promoting veganism in cities and towns throughout Iowa (whew!!), we traveled through countless thousands of acres of soybean fields. We found out that only one small field in the entire state grew soybeans that were used for tofu and soymilk for humans; virtually the entire vast Iowa soy crop was squandered to fatten cows, pigs, and other enslaved animals who were hidden away in their stinking sheds and feedlots far from the major roads. In contrast to this, Russia has been encouraging small-scale family gardens (“dachas”), and these dachas have been an amazing success, now supplying 93 percent of Russia’s potatoes, and 80 percent of all vegetables and fruits! This could be our future as well! If we understand and act.

By reducing vast expanses of our precious forests and prairies to toxic monocultures, where only one species is allowed to grow in order to feed the mistreated animals whose flesh and secretions we are all pressured into eating, we create the ongoing conditions of psychological, ethical, ecological, cultural, and spiritual disconnectedness. These prevent us, as a society, from understanding the roots of our unyielding dilemmas. The violence on our plates reverberates through our bodies, our minds, our culture, and throughout our world. How can we or our elected representatives act wisely while the blood that is running through our veins and brains is polluted with hormone, drug, and pesticide residues, cholesterol, and the fear, panic, and psychotic depression lived by the animals we eat?

By Madeleine Tuttle

By Madeleine Tuttle

It is way beyond time for all of us in our culture to look behind the curtain of institutional denial and bring the light of compassion and awareness to our meals and what our meals require.

Everyone in our culture feels it, I think. The existential doubt, visceral and haunting, about our future. The future of our species. Of the Earth. Our way of living. We feel it, but it’s just too much—so we turn away and focus on the familiar distractions, turning up the volume to drown out the inner knowing.

Yet our sanity longs for truth. More than anything else, veganism is truth. The truth of awareness—of what we’re actually eating! Of what it takes to get it on our plates! Of all the implications of our routine actions. The truth of our interconnectedness with all beings. The truth of our radiant essential nature, free, awake, loving, merciful, and wise. The truth of the ramifications of our meals: of our devastation of oceans for fish to feed chickens and cows whose bodies, babies, and yearnings we steal. The truth of our repressed and deadened horror. The truth of our inability to make some pretty obvious connections. Eating violence and terror, we long to avoid the truth.

Everywhere, though, the truth is popping up! It’s increasingly difficult to avoid hearing and seeing the obvious. Eating animal foods destroys the Earth. Drives global climate breakdown. Drives species extinction. Drives ocean depletion and forest devastation, drug addiction, disease, soil loss, water pollution, acidification, toxification, despair, and the mentality of exploitation and elitism and war.

Like the rising sun, the truth is shining brighter every day, revealing the interconnections. Bringing healing, insight, and understanding. And we are awakening. Veganism is the stark and liberating solution to the omnivore’s dilemma, the cultural conundrum bearing down ever more relentlessly as our massive violence toward animals and the Earth and future generations ripens before our eyes.

Happiness, peace, and freedom flow from nonviolence. We are all connected, and our joy is in blessing others. I don’t know how it will happen, but this I know in my bones: our future is veganism. Our future selves are vegans – delightedly and powerfully aware of the ancient truth of our magnificence. We are not shrinking, reducing, commodifying, cruel and numb people who heartlessly destroy the Earth and the sacred web of life—who have no future and have lost our purpose by stealing the purposes of others. We are consciousness, grace, kindness, creative inspiration, joy, and understanding. When light shines, darkness simply disappears without a trace. No fight is required. Letting the light shine through, breathing deeply and fully, we partake of the infinite, moment after moment.

This, then, is the situation in a nutshell:

We are all beings of light and awareness and love, born into a culture of violence, ignorance, and exclusion. We take on its darkness and fear, and the core ritual used by our culture to effect this is our daily meals, where we are forced to participate in routine killing by eating and buying the flesh and secretions of imprisoned, terrified animals. Our path to freedom lies in freeing these animals. Veganism is the feminine wisdom of interconnectedness, the spiritual and practical key to happiness and peace for all. She is our future. She is beckoning to us.

We all live on the road—the road to vegan living and to the harmony, sustainability, freedom, and co-creative celebration shining within.

Crossposted from CrazySexyLife by Kris Carr. She is a best-selling author, filmmaker, and motivational speaker. She is the subject of the inspirational documentary, Crazy Sexy Cancer, which she wrote and directed for TLC and Discovery Health.

Veg Inspiration. Imposed Suffering.

Will Tuttle : June 13, 2009

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inner action of leaving home necessitates in many ways a spiritual
breakthrough. The essential action is to stop turning away and disconnecting
from the suffering we impose on others by our food choices.

Newspaper Article: “Speakers coming to town with message about peace, diet”

Will Tuttle : June 12, 2009

IMG_0317.jpg by WorldPeaceDiet


Will and Madeleine Tuttle spend their life slowly touring the country in a house on wheels so that they can offer people a vision.

“It’s a beautiful vision,” said Will Tuttle, pianist, Zen master and author of the vegan book The World Peace Diet. “Too often we think we’re always going to have wars and violence and that we’re just miserable people — it’s not true.”

For Tuttle, finding inner peace is what leads to outer peace, and, if he can just reach one person at a time, this is what will finally lead to world peace. Now he and his wife are pulling their 5th wheel trailer into the Oak Park neighborhood for awhile so they can spread the word here.

“Once we authentically connect with ourselves and live in a way that reflects that, we start to feel happier and more at peace,” said Tuttle. He’s the guest speaker and musician at a series of special events running at Unity of Oak Park this weekend that are based around the twin themes of food choices and rediscovering inner wisdom.

“The basic idea is about human potential,” Tuttle said. “We humans have so much more potential than we are actually using, because we’re born into a culture that forces us from the time we’re little children to ignore what we’re actually doing to animals. Routine mistreatment of animals for food in this culture has created this sense of disconnectedness from our wisdom.”

Through his talks and concerts, Tuttle urges people to live in a more peaceful manner, especially when it comes to food. He uses techniques built on meditation, his music and his wife Madeleine’s painting to help audiences rediscover their own creativity.

“We all have this inner wisdom that will help us live our lives creatively and authentically and to find the unique contribution that we are each here on this earth to live,” Tuttle said. “It doesn’t mean life will be easy, but it will be fulfilling and our lives will be an adventure that we love.”

It’s been 14 years since the Tuttles went on the road full-time, leaving their home in California’s wine country for a life spent speaking three or four times a week in churches and meeting halls across America.

“A lot of the events have maybe only 25 people at them, or maybe a few hundred,” Tuttle said. “But it’s a very good way to meet people in a grassroots fashion.”

They don’t actually put that many miles on the pick-up truck that pulls the trailer — only about 20,000 a year. No, the Tuttles make their way slowly across the country. It takes them about 12 months, for example, to go from the East Coast to the West Coast.

“We’ve been working our way north from Florida and Washington, D.C. the past couple of weeks,” he said. “Chicago is the next stop.”

Although Tuttle is driven by a mission, he’s not a militant, in-your-face type. Rather Tuttle is friendly and enthusiastic about his book and the connection he sees between veganism and a peaceful life that makes a difference. He quite often finds himself giving the book out to new friends he’s made while getting his car serviced or eating at a restaurant.

“If we’re really serious about creating a culture where peace, sustainability and justice are actually possible, we have to look at our food choices,” Tuttle said. “It’s very challenging. But it’s very liberating. I get a lot of e-mails from people saying that not only have they lost weight and have more energy but they’re just much happier.”

All events take place at Unity of Oak Park, 405 N. Euclid Ave, (708) 848-0960 or A free will offering will be taken during these events.

Awakening Your Inner Genius — Sunday, June 14, at 9 and 11 a.m. Tuttle will discuss ways to develop your own creativity and intuition. He will perform original piano music throughout the service.

Creating a New Culture of Peace — Sunday, June 14, from 1 to 3:30 pm. At this workshop, Tuttle will present the main ideas of his book about how food choices affect our lives and also the world around us.

Piano Passion Concert — Monday, June 15, at 7:30 pm. This concert of piano music is composed and performed by Tuttle as an affirmative musical prayer for world peace.

Individual Sessions for Personal Music and Art — Monday, June 15, times available by appointment. Tuttle will create a CD of original piano music and his wife Madeleine will create a watercolor painting for you both inspired by your essence. Sessions last about 45 minutes and are available by appointment only. Suggested donation is $135.

Veg Inspiration. The Suffering of Animals.

Will Tuttle : June 12, 2009

worldanimals.jpg by WorldPeaceDiet.

if we are benumbed to the degree that we are not concerned about the suffering
of animals, and we are only able to care about other humans, we soon realize
that the human anguish caused by eating foods of animal origin requires us to
choose a plant-based diet. Human starvation, the emotional devastation required
to kill and confine animals, the pollution and waste of water, land, petroleum,
and other vital resources, and the injustice and violence underlying our animal
food production complex all compel us to abandon our acculturated eating

Veg Inspiration. Spiritual & Cultural Revolution.

Will Tuttle : June 11, 2009

Peaceful Revolution.jpg by WorldPeaceDiet

The spiritual and cultural revolution that calls us must begin with our food. Food is our primary connection with the earth and her mysteries, and with our culture. It is the foundation of economy and is the central inner spiritual metaphor of our lives.

Upcoming Lecture in Chicago this Saturday!

Will Tuttle : June 10, 2009

cute_ducklings.jpg by WorldPeaceDiet.

Greetings! Upcoming lecture in Chicago on Saturday on The World Peace Diet. Please pass the word.

For the full schedule:

This is our culture’s situation in a nutshell – –
We are all beings of light and awareness and love, born into a culture of violence, ignorance, and exclusion, taking on darkness and fear, and the core ritual used by our culture to blind and enslave us is our daily meals, where we are forced to participate in killing, and in eating the flesh and secretions of imprisoned, terrified animals. Our path to freedom lies in freeing these animals; veganism is the spiritual and practical key to happiness and peace for all.

Blessings and love,


13 JUN (SA)
– Chicago, IL — (847) 674-2499. Adidam Center, 3301 W. Fullerton, Chicago, IL 60647. 4:30-6:30 p.m. Lecture/presentation on The World Peace Diet., followed by a vegan potluck from 6:30 – 8:30pm. Sponsored by Chicago Rawfood Meet-up

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