Spooks: The Herding of Humanity

Dr. Will Tuttle

We humans have been herding animals as livestock for thousands of years, using our superior intellects to exploit them relentlessly. Though we know they suffer at our hands, with regard to animals, we smash the Golden Rule to smithereens.

Pig by visionary artist Madeleine TuttleWe don’t seem to realize it, but we pay a steep price for the ongoing avalanche of abuse we inflict on them. In stealing the purposes and sovereignty of cows, pigs, chickens, and other animals, we have eroded our inherent sovereignty, intelligence, spiritual clarity, self-respect, inner peace, and ethical integrity. Now we see our enslavement of animals boomeranging especially vividly into our human world, with many of the same dynamics playing out before our eyes.

For example, it’s not difficult for a handful of relatively incompetent shepherds or cowboys to successfully herd several hundred sheep or cows into a corral with a chute to be trucked off to be hung upside down and stabbed to death. The main technique is to spook them. Spooking the animals causes them to stampede in the desired direction. By simply applying some spooking actions, like loud shouts and shocking sounds, or slaps, whacks, and abrupt, frightening movements, the animals predictably flee in the direction they’re being guided, right to their terrifying demise. By riding horses, and using dogs and fences, the process is even more manageable and predictable.

Cow by visionary artist Madeleine TuttleThe herders may have, up until this roundup, posed as benefactors to the animals, making sure they had safety, food, and water. Now however, their true intent and purpose is revealed. The good shepherd’s mask comes off. The formerly friendly herder shows his true face and the animal victims seem powerless to resist or escape.

Perhaps in all the confusion of the roundup, a few courageous and wily cows or sheep might be able to slip away into the surrounding forest, unnoticed by the herders, and live out their days in peace, free from human exploitation. Or even more remarkably, all the cows or sheep might simply refuse to be spooked and bullied by the tiny handful of humans, and decide to turn and easily trample by them and then live out their lives in peace and freedom, fulfilling their purposes in nature as they have done for millions of years before the advent of human herders.

Clearly, we are in an analogous position today, and the vast mass of humanity is being spooked, often quite clumsily, by a tiny elite that takes advantage of our gullibility, conformity, and complacency to relentlessly spook and herd us into the chute of complete oppression, and the misery to which that inevitably leads. The captured media is the main tool used to spook the public, and the herders now ride their horses of power as authorities in governmental, corporate, and academic institutions, with a whole army of herd-dogs in the form of indoctrinated journalists, public health bureaucrats, and medical personnel, and with plenty of fencing installed to censor alternative views and stifle debate, critical thinking, and community solidarity.

For those with eyes and ears, there are two main points to consider and upon which to act. First, actively question the bogus medical narratives that attempt to stampede the global populace into abject submission. Refusing to be spooked or to comply with the mandates and social pressure to conform, endeavor to exemplify the noble qualities of human dignity, self-reliance, compassion, justice, and freedom, and to educate others about the hidden agenda being forced onto humanity by its would-be herders.

The second point for consideration and action is that as long as we humans insist on violently imprisoning, force-medicating, abusing, and killing animals for food and other unnecessary purposes, we are relentlessly sowing the seeds of our own enslavement, forced medication, abuse, and killing.

Among human herders, it is a regular practice to “cull the herd” when it gets too big, and is always considered to be in the best interest of the herd (and of the herders as well). Culling is a euphemism for selective killing, and it seems quite obvious that this common agricultural practice is also boomeranging on humanity under the guise of medical security.

As I’ve been saying for several decades, whatever we sow in our treatment of animals, we inevitably reap in our human world. It’s critical now that each of us rise up, turn off the TV and mainstream media, promote animal liberation, proactively assert our self-responsibility for our health and lives, and do our best to co-create communities of freedom, awareness, and decentralized autonomy.

If we insist on violating animals and being spooked as we spook others, the spooks will have their way and our future will be as dystopian as is the future to which we nonchalantly condemn millions of cows, pigs, chickens, fishes, and other sentient beings every day.

Ultimately, in the bigger picture that spans more than just this lifetime, our true nature as expressions of eternal consciousness may emerge radiant and triumphant, enriched with the greater wisdom and compassion forged through our adventures and challenges in this cosmic school of planet Earth. Every moment of every day is an opportunity to question, learn, and grow, and to contribute to the ascending awakening of human awareness on this planet, transforming the spooking delusions of fear, alienation, and separation into the bright serenity that comes from understanding our true nature, and treating all beings as we would like to be treated: with kindness and respect.

16 Responses to Spooks: The Herding of Humanity

  • Mary says:

    Thank you Will; I need your continued inspiration to wade through the final months of this oppressive environment that has done it’s best to silence my efforts at spreading the ethical vegan message. I have been threatened with disciplinary measures for sharing the truth with my military veteran clientele (tying the nightmares of violence with their continued violence against innocent animals for bragging rights and consumption). I do my best with the handful that understand, but it is not enough. I long for the day when I can live more fully my new purpose.

  • geoff says:

    brilliant stuff…thank you so much

  • Randyl Rupar says:

    Blessings Will for your continued brilliant heartfelt efforts to awaken our sleeping Humanity…Hopefully, the few expressing their Sacred Activism will become the Voice of the Voiceless and catalyze the Spark of Divinity living dormant in our collective Souls

  • Craig Cline says:

    Yes, Will, humans are both herders and herded. You mention the euphemism of “culling the herd.” I think there’s convincing evidence that the COVID-19 pandemic came from the abhorrently hideous “wet markets.”

    If this is in fact the case, it seems ironic that millions of us humans were “culled,” in effect, by the pathogens from the animal victims ultimately killing us.

    The animals didn’t kill us directly. Rather, they killed us indirectly. This indirect infliction of death is akin to when a human goes to the supermarket to pick up some “meat” (which I submit is the world’s most commonly used euphemism).

    The purchaser didn’t kill the animal victim directly, but did indeed kill him or her — indirectly. We are complicit in the horrors that plague “the other animals.”

    What’s indeed pathetic is that we conveniently refuse to see that we’re ALL animals — all members of Kingdom Animalia. Thank you for your “tell-it-like-it-is” essays, Will.

    • John Batdorf says:

      COVID did not come from a wet market, which is still open in Wuhan. It came from hideous animal exploitation, masquerading as gain of function research, in a notoriously lax bioweapons center, masquerading as a virology lab, funded with US tax dollars secreted to a hostile foreign power by the man leading the COVID response under two administrations with supposedly-opposing ideologies. This is direct culling.

  • Clare+Mann says:

    What an extraordinary capacity Dr Will Tuttle has, to take complex, interconnected concepts and present them in clear, understandable ways with a clear pointer towards solutions. A true luminary inviting us to be the leaders this world so clearly needs.

  • Camila Perussello says:

    Always enlightening – thank you so much, Will!

  • Marilyn says:

    Well said and validates my thoughts as well.
    Thank you Will

  • Ray Cooper says:

    It’s very enlightening to think of the millions of years that the earth and animals existed without human herding. If you look at the overall scheme of things, herding is new technology, something we created like riding horses or whaling. All of which were replaced within a few centuries. Herding animals should’ve been replaced with new technologies centuries ago. What’s sad is that when a rancher starts to go out of business, his attempts to survive involve even more grazing.
    But it is happening, I saw it in England and now in Utah. The marginal areas go first.
    In England it’s the traditional, smaller tenement farms and in Utah it’s the Mormons who took the water and land from the natives.
    Their descendants are paying the price and so is the land, but nature is resilient, she will bounce back. There will be a time when people will look back at herding as they do slavery.
    Just think if someone had the idea of breeding and herding massive amounts of whales in the ocean. That’s what herding is.

  • Douglas Long says:

    I am sure I would have lost my way years ago if not for your daily emails. Thank you from the bottom of my vegan heart

  • Jeff Lester says:

    Under the guise of medical security. You’re only going to be safe if you get the vaccine is what we’re told by the health authorities and billionaires. It seems to me like they’re using spooking tactics to lead us to get jabbed in order to cull the world population. Like Will says, they spook the cows to get jabbed too.

  • John Batdorf says:

    Wow… your message is so relevant, and so obvious when spelled out for us. Thank you.

  • Henna Maria says:

    Thank you for your heartfelt, truth-full and poetic expression Will, calling us back to our noble nature. We are coming to the end of our long journey away from home. Behold the return to sovereignty and kinship with our beloved animal brethren. You are bringing that vision to life!

  • Faye Leister says:

    Why it is that the majority of the population cannot see what is being done to us, and also how this is so inextricably connected to what we do to animals (and other humans we see as less than) is incomprehensible. It is so starkly obvious.

    Thank you Will, yet again, for explaining this so well.

  • John Batdorf says:

    Of course that’s true, Will. You are the conscience of our increasingly sad age.

  • Britt Lind says:

    Your analogy in comparing how humans can so easily be driven to their own demise through the use of fear as has been done to animals for centuries is brilliant. As always, your compassion shines through. I will share.

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