Pre-2014 Essays

Published Essays By Dr. Will Tuttle

What Would Happen to All the Animals If Everyone Went Vegan? November 2013, One Green Planet
Deep Veganism: A Movement Whose Time Has Come October 2013, One Green Planet
The Positive Revolution Gains Momentum & an Exciting Online Summit August 2013, One Green Planet
Manly Vegans and the Coming World July 2013, One Green Planet
Learning Unconditional Love From Animals June 2013, One Green Planet
Finding the Divine Mother Within Us All May 2013, One Green Planet
Spoons Over Bombs: The Most Effective Peace Activism April 2013, One Green Planet
Beyond “I’m Not Vegan Anymore” March 2013, One Green Planet
What Are the Roots of Freedom and Slavery? February 2013, One Green Planet
Why Are Few Spiritual Teachers Vegan? January 2013, One Green Planet
Our Culture’s Defining Dilemma: Our Violence Toward Children (Of All Species) December 2012, One Green Planet
Eating Vegan: The Only Way to Preserve Our Rights November 2012, One Green Planet
The Vegan Spirit of Thanksgiving November 2012, One Green Planet
Why Be Vegan When Nature is Predatory? September 2012, One Green Planet
Positive Moods May be the Key to Transforming our Lives and our Culture August 2012, One Green Planet
Veganpalooza: The Joy of Building a New Road Together July 2012, One Green Planet
The Positive Revolution: How Changing the Way We Eat Can Change the World June 2012, One Green Planet
For Our Children’s Sake: Why We Urgently Need to Change the Way We Eat May 2012, One Green Planet
Tax Time and Time to Re-Imagine Our Broken Food System April 2012, One Green Planet
You Are What You Practice: Choose Wisely March 2012, One Green Planet
What Did American Indians Eat, Actually? February 2012, One Green Planet
Your Secret Hideaway is Calling: The Importance of Connecting with Nature January 2012, One Green Planet
Celebrating This Beautiful Earth December 2011, One Green Planet
The Five Universal Taboos and Animal Abuse November 2011, One Green Planet
A Poignant Riddle: Are Cows Herbivores or Carnivores? October 2011, One Green Planet
Time To Wake Up August 2011, VegSource
The Australian Scape-Camels June 2011, VegSource
Upgrading Our Motivation May 2011, VegSource
Spiritual People Moving Toward Veganism? April 2011, VegSource
Loving Hut – Part of Something Bigger January 2011, VegSource
The Greatest Gift December 2010, VegSource
Of Meat and Porno Scans November 2010, VegSource
Switzerland – The Dark Side of Small Farms July 2010, VegSource
Stopping Our War on Animals June 2010, VegSource
I Am The Vegan Activist (Poem) May 2010, VegSource
Memorial Day for Animals May 2010, VegSource
The War on Terra April 2010, VegSource
The Food in Heaven April 2010, VegSource
Unexpected Success! Toward Critical Mass March 2010, VegSource
Compassion and Health Campaign March 2010, VegSource
A Convenient Truth October 2009, Good Karma Magazine, Chicago
History and Future of the Animal Rights Movement July 2009, Animal Rights 2009 Conference, Los Angeles
Our Future is Vegan June 2009, This Crazy Sexy Life E-Letter
Love That Word! May 2009, VegNews Magazine
One Grain, Ten Thousand January 2009, Macrobiotic Guide
What Then Should We Eat? November 2008, Resurgence Magazine
At Our Core September 2008, VegNews Magazine
Creating a Peaceful World June 2008, Vegetarian Voice Magazine
It’s No Secret April 2008, VegNews Magazine
BuddhaDharma 101 November 2007, VegNews Magazine
Slaughter of the Innocent April 2007, KPFT Pacifica Radio
Shine On! April 2007, VegNews Magazine
The Ten Paramis November 2006, Unity Newsletter
Ancient Vegan Wisdom November 2006, VegNews Magazine
Practicing The Four Viharas July – October 2006, Unity Newsletter
You Are What You Practice June 2006, VegNews Magazine
The Four Viharas June 2006, Unity Newsletter
My Journey Of Transformation March 2006 , Peaceable Table
A Balanced Diet December 2005, VegNews Magazine
Does Rawfood Support Veganism? July 2005, VegNews Magazine
What Goes Around Comes Around January 2005 VegNews Magazine
Motivation Matters December 2004, Animals Agenda online
Buddha and the Low-Carb Craze July 2004, VegNews Magazine
Thinking of Drinking Cow’s Milk? April 2004, Earth Day Journal
Marlboro Men in the White House February 2004, Veg News Magazine
The Three Reasons People Eat Animals August 2003, VegNews Magazine
Leaving Home July 2003, VegNews Magazine
Do Animals Have Souls? February 2003, VegNews Magazine
The Dominion of Love December 2002, Veg News Magazine
Camp Challenge October 2002, Unity newsletter
Shojin and Samadhi September 2002, VegNews Magazine
Veg Community February 2002, VegNews Magazine
Veganism is Not an Option November 2002, Unity Newsletter
The Lost Religion of Jesus September 2001, VegNews Magazine
The Call of Spirituality July 2001, The Quest magazine
The Journey Toward Compassion July 2001, The Quest magazine
The Most Pervasive Form of Child Abuse June 2001, VegNews Magazine
Coming to Earth March 2001, VegNews Magazine
Full-Time RVing As A Spiritual Path January 2001, New Thought Magazine

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