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Besides in-person presentations, Dr. Tuttle is increasingly making presentations via direct internet hook-up between the venue where an audience is gathered and his location. This is typically done through either Zoom, Skype, or Google Hangouts, and it works remarkably well. Dr. Tuttle can see and hear the audience, and they can see and hear him, so a natural and effective presentation and dialogue is possible, without the expense of travel. Please contact us if you are interested in setting up a Zoom presentation with Dr. Tuttle for your community or event and we can discuss the details.

This works especially well following film documentaries, if the venue has internet connectivity to the projector & screen.

Dr. Tuttle is featured in the influential film documentary Cowspiracy. He is available to speak and conduct Q & A following screenings of Cowspiracy, via Zoom or Skype. (Cowspiracy was created by Kip Anderson, who graduated from Dr. Tuttle’s World Peace Diet Facilitator Training prior to making the film).

Dr. Tuttle speaks in many other documentary films as well, including Vegan: Everyday StoriesAnimals and the BuddhaHope For All, and others, and is similarly available for Zoom presentations and Q&A sessions.

Please contact us for more information.

4 Responses to Virtual Presentations

  • laura Slitt says:

    Hello Will,
    Laura Slitt here.

    I have been employed for a couple months now at a treatment center called Green Mountain Treatment Center, in the mountains of Effingham, NH.
    It’s a 12 Step Program for drug addicts and alcoholics.
    There are opportunities here to use online forums to add the step that is missing ( in my view) which is the healing properties of food.

    I’m giving a presentation Monday, my very first one, ( terrified) on spiritual nutrition and planting Divine seeds in the world.

    Perhaps in the not too distant future you’d be willing to participate with a 45 minute discussion and take questions at the end.

    Look forward to opening a new concept for folks who say the words spirituality and Gd while they still eat the old way, smoke and drink energy drinks.

    • Will Tuttle says:

      Great to hear from you Laura, and to hear about your presentations on spiritual nutrition for the people at GMTC – and yes, please go ahead and let me know and we can hopefully schedule a Zoom or Skype connection for a presentation. All best!

    • Dominique says:

      That is Wonderful! Great Job! Please share how it went- Would love to know! again! Congratulations

  • Just started reading The World Peace Diet. I’m not even through Chapter one and am completely hooked on your writing, perspective and research. Love it. #vegan

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