Buddhism & Veganism

Buddhism and Veganism:
Essays Connecting Spiritual Awakening and Animal Liberation

Edited by Dr. Will Tuttle

We encourage you to read this profound and inspiring collection of teachings, and to do it as a meditation.” – Dr. Joel & Michelle Levey, founders, All My Relations Sangha

Many of us are surprised to discover that Buddhist monks, lamas, and teachers often eat the flesh and secretions of animals. What is the underlying relationship between Buddhism and veganism?

Can we awaken spiritually and morally while participating in our culture’s ongoing abuse of animals for food and other products? Do the Buddhist teachings require or even explicitly encourage vegan living, or is veganism seen as a personal choice?

As Buddhism continues to spread, and as interest in veganism is burgeoning, these questions are heating up and call for a more thorough investigation.

 Buddhism & Veganism (Vegan Publishers; 250 pages with zen brush paintings; $20) is available on Amazon in both print and Kindle versions.

It is a collection of teachings and stories by respected Buddhist teachers and writers who are also practicing vegans, drawn from Theravada, Mahayana, and Vajrayana traditions.

The volume is edited by Dr. Will Tuttle, and features a wide variety of perspectives connecting spiritual awakening with cultivating compassion for all beings and the importance of animal liberation for human evolution. The book also features original Zen brush paintings by Madeleine Tuttle.

The 22 essays in this book provide a diversity of insightful perspectives on how spiritual awakening and animal liberation interconnect and reinforce each other. Their inspiring wisdom reveals intriguing keys to a better world for us all.

See yourself in others. Then whom can you hurt? What harm can you do?” – The Buddha

Buddhism & Veganism (Vegan Publishers, 2019), is available on Amazon and other online and offline retailers, as well as in Kindle and other digital formats. Signed copies can be ordered here through our website.

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