2022 Essays

Happy New Year of Light – 2023

May the spirit of Love, Truth and Freedom radiate the living light of awakening – Into our hearts and into the hearts of our fellow humans,
Sparking insight and compassion for animals, our Earth, and each other.

May the deceptive narratives of exploitation be exposed for all to see.

May the beckoning doorway of a vegan world of respect for all living beings draw us ever onward and upward.

May we live and embody our commitment to respect the sovereignty of individual beings, and never comply with injustice, oppression, and deceit.

Dear friends, we have just finished the first month of our Benevolent Revolution Tour – 18 beautiful events promoting kindness, freedom, and spiritual health, while crossing from California through AZ, NM, and TX.

We greet you now from south Florida. We will be here for a couple of months, offering events through Hippocrates and other venues, and returning in March to California on a slightly more northerly route. Deep thanks to the many caring and creative fellow advocates making this all possible, with whom we are honored to be working, contributing, and learning.

May we go forth and multiply the season’s message of peace, harmony, joy, and liberation for all!

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