2021 Summit Bonuses

The Worldwide Vegan Summit for Truth and Freedom – VIP Bonuses

From Dr. Brian Clement ~

Sweet Disease

Sweet Disease is the first book exposing the perils of a wide variety of sugar from the notorious white sugar to the disease-causing property of fruit sugar. All of the latest science that supports this now documented hazard reigns from the halls of the top universities, research labs, and

scientists from around the globe. Sweet Disease will change one’s view on the consumption of this addictive substance that we all love.

With a foreword that likens the Sugar Industry to the heydays of the Tobacco Industry, Gary Null, author of over 60 health-related books, starts us on the path to re-discovering the importance of making conscious decisions about what we eat.

Bonus Link: https://hippocratesinst.org/sweet-disease/

From Clare Mann ~

The Commitment Myth: Why People Won’t Change and What You Can Do About It

This is a short online video course on how unquestioned and hidden assumptions influence every one of us and prevent us from changing. Clare Mann is a vegan psychologist specializing in effective communication.

Bonus Link: https://veganpsychologist.com/myths

From Dr. Rupa Shah ~
10-Part Flower Power Lecture Series: Reconnect Your Mind, Emotions & Body with Flower Remedies

Flower remedies are vegan. Not tested on animals. No animal parts used in the preparation. Each video opens on Dr. Shah’s website page. These are approximately 900 minutes total of educational videos in this free bonus.
Flower remedies are powerful yet gentle healing energies that can help to balance emotional upheavals, physical discomforts and mental upsets, amongst many other issues. Flowers are very effective from all the energy medicines of modern times. From letting go of fears, panic, anxiety, shame, guilt, anger, and other emotional states to addressing different personality types. These remedies also balance the polarities within the personality and move beyond it.

Bonus Link: https://drrupashah.com/the-worldwide-vegan-summit-for-truth-and-freedom/

From Margarita Restrepo ~

Naked Food Magazine Summer 2021 – Complimentary Issue

Naked Food is the whole-food, plant-based nutrition approach to preventing and reversing disease. It proposes the switch from the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) to the New Authentic Kind and Enlightened Diet (N.A.K.E.D.)

Naked Food is an independent, nonpartisan, nonreligious, and non-biased publication that reports evidence-based content pertaining to human and planetary health. We perform independent journalistic research on the variety of subjects that we report and we do not base our statements in mainstream sources. www.nakedfoodmagazine.com

Bonus Link: http://www.nakedfoodmagazine.com/nfm_digi_sumi21/NFM_Summer_21_SP.pdf

From Sarina Farb ~

Practical Vegan Living Guide

Living ethically can seem overwhelming and confusing in a world addicted to exploiting people, animals, and the planet for profit, but going and staying vegan doesn’t have to be hard! Get some practical tips, recipes, and expert advice to support you in going vegan and living as ethically and sustainably as possible starting today.

Bonus Link: https://sarinafarb.ck.page/

From JoAnn Farb ~

Improve your odds of Surviving COVID!

Concise listing of inexpensive, readily available things anyone can do that makes it less likely they will be in the small minority of people who suffer serious harms from COVID…with links to the science supporting these things.

Bonus Link: https://bit.ly/3aI9KK1

From Dr. Nehal Parikh ~

Three Pediatric Resources

1 – The Benefits of Breastfeeding – Audio interview that includes written transcript – with emphasis on the benefits of vegan living and avoiding cow-milk based formulas.
Bonus Link: https://www.pediacast.org/pediacast-195/

2 – Dr. Parikh’s Guide to Brain and Neurodevelopmental Resources to Optimize Child Development.
Bonus Link: https://bit.ly/30qFqBH

3 – Dr. Parikh’s Complete Directory of Peer-reviewed Scientific Papers that he has authored (98 in total):

Bonus Link: https://bit.ly/3AKDxML

From Karen Ranzi ~

Fun Raw Food Finger Foods – Recipe eBook

Fun Raw Food Finger Foods is a recipe eBook for simple healthy recipes you can hold in your hands or use as a dip. We love the Pizzettes!

Bonus Link: http://superhealthychildren.com/raw-food- finger-foods

From Dr. Will Tuttle ~

World Peace Meditations CD

The Eightfold Way:
* Developing Intuition
* Harmonious
* World Peace
* Animal Relations * Earth Healing
* Radiant Health
* Abundance
* Joy & Gratitude
* Relationships

This Eight-fold Meditation created by Dr. Will Tuttle is for world peace for all of us, for inner peace, inspiration and relaxation. These spoken meditations by Dr. Tuttle guide us gently into higher states of awareness and healing. Designed for both wakeful activities such as driving as well as for quiet relaxation. Serene background music composed and performed by Dr. Tuttle on acoustic piano, accompanied by Madeleine on silver flute. It also includes 22 minutes of inspiring quotes from Dr. Tuttle’s The World Peace Diet – perfect for meditation and yoga practice.

Bonus Link: http://worldpeacediet.org/ml_thankyou1.htm From Dr. Will Tuttle ~

AnimalSongs CD

AnimalSongs is a powerful exploration of music, nature and our kinship with animals.
The foundations of this hour-long album are Will Tuttle’s twelve evocative compositions for solo piano. Artfully adorned with the voices of animals and nature sounds, AnimalSongs creates unique listening experience with the voices of wild animals like dolphins, wolves, hawks and forest creatures, as well as, for the first time, many pieces that showcase the remarkable voices of domesticated animals. This album, Will’s fourth release, is music with a message of compassion and celebration. The voices of our animal relations can be heard in a provocative new way and discovered by listeners in their own way.

Bonus Link: http://willtuttle.com/asdl.htm

From Tim James ~

Gut Detox Guide: 10 Easy Steps for Weight Loss & Energy

Tim James founded Chemical-free Body as a vegan organization that is passionate about helping everybody ignite their highest excitement in life by putting themselves and their health first. His goal is to rescue one gut at a time with honest, pure and natural ingredients that taste great. This guide teaches a daily detox protocol while bringing superfood nutrition, making it easy to transform health in just minutes a day. With this guide, you can learn fundamental steps to restoring your gut health, weight loss, energy and vitality.

Bonus Link: https://chemicalfreebody.com/free-gift/

From Steve Prussack ~

The Ultimate Juicing Guide

Includes everything you need to know about juicing:
* Juice recipes to target weight loss, energy gain and disease prevention
* How to choose the best juicer for any budget
* The best vegetables and fruits to use in your juices
* Simple short-term juice cleanse protocols
* The difference between juicing and smoothies

Bonus Link: https://juiceguru.com/juicingchart

From Angel Honig ~

Feel Good Now: How to Feel Your Best & Have Your Best to Give

Feel Good Now is a two-volume, full-color, comprehensive guide for radiant well-being on every level, including physical, mental, emotional, spiritual & material.

If you give yourself the gift of taking the journey within these pages, you will have a golden passport into feeling your best & having your best to give!
Angel Honig is the author of the forthcoming book, The Soulution: 10 Compelling Reasons to Choose a Plant-based Diet.

Bonus Link: http://circleofcompassion.org/pdf/Angel-book.pdf

From Lisa Wong ~

Masterclass: 5-Step Strategy My Heart-Centered Clients Use to Relieve Ongoing Pain

Lisa Wong, L.Ac., is known as a champion for the voiceless, both the animals and the Inner Doctor. She is the world’s first vegan acupuncturist to climb Mt Kilimanjaro to launch her global Climb Every Mountain Self-Care Movement to help vegans, vegetarians, and compassionate people to discover and master their inner healing tools, so they can powerfully and confidently “climb the mountains” in their lives. She has been teaching revolutionary and transformational self-care education programs, empowering clients worldwide to heal their own pain, live happy, healthy, pain-free, and fulfilling lives by putting them in touch with their Inner Doctor. At the end of her recorded masterclass, you will have the opportunity to book a private 45-minute Health Breakthrough Session with Lisa.

Bonus Link: chbdworkshop.org

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