2023 Food Revolution Docu-series, Music, and more…

We are glad to see that our friends John and Ocean Robbins will be offering their online Food Revolution Summit Docuseries starting in one week, September 20 – 27. It features interviews with inspiring researchers and educators promoting more vegan and sustainable living, including Chef AJ, Monica Aggarwal, Michael Klaper, Brooke Goldner, Joel Fuhrman, Nelson and T. Colin Campbell, Rich Roll, and Joel Kahn, among others.
As always, this week-long online event is offered to everyone for no cost, and is an excellent potential resource, all in all, for information, inspiration and positive social change.
Additionally, we are delighted to share a new music video – the third in our Etude Series, of original piano and flute music. Every morning after meditation, we play music together, and occasionally we record them also and hope that you enjoy. This one is especially dedicated to elephants, buffalo, and sea turtles.
Finally, we are putting together our upcoming Food for Freedom tour, leaving in early November for five months throughout most of the U.S. – We are looking forward to seeing you and/or your friends and colleagues somewhere along the way. Please check our continually-updated Upcoming Events for more information – thanks!
Our new book, Food for Freedom, is now going to the publishers (Vegan Publishers in the Boston area) and will hopefully be ready by the time our lecture tour begins. It is slightly larger than The World Peace Diet, and is the first book to bring together the liberation of animals and the health/medical freedom and disinformation crisis we are facing, with lots of practical information. We will keep you posted!
As Clare Mann, author of the classic vegan book, Vystopia,writes,
Food for Freedom is a phenomenal masterpiece. It is the book I have been dreaming of, illuminating the most pressing issues of our day—health, spirituality, nutrition, science, and freedom. It shows how they are all interrelated, and provides practical guidance based on age-old wisdoms and sound philosophical fundamentals.”
Let’s stay alert, stay awake, and remember our interconnectedness with all living beings!
For inspiration and information: our YouTube playlists
Thanks for your efforts on behalf of a more conscious world!

That’s it for now,

Dr. Will Tuttle
Author, The World Peace Diet

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