Daily VegInspirations

Daily VegInspirations:
Jewels from The World Peace Diet

“Please share the messages in this book with everyone.”
~ From the Foreword by James Aspey

Daily VegInspirations ($13; 160 pages with 140 Zen brush paintings) is a book of uplifting and evocative quotations by Dr. Will Tuttle, drawn primarily from his best-selling book, The World Peace Diet, described as the most comprehensive book on vegan living.

Each daily reading expresses an understanding that we can contemplate and strive to embody and share as we go through our day. They can be read as seed-inspirations for each day of the year.

The 366 nuggets of insight and information in this florilegium are well-polished jewels distilling deeper truths that our consciousness can unfold and digest through reflection and contemplation.

They are adorned with Zen ink brush paintings by Madeleine Tuttle, helping to reveal deeper dimensions of understanding through art. This book also includes the new Seven-Fold Path of World Peace, providing an inspiration for each day of the week.

Daily Inspirations is available through Amazon and also on Kindle, and is also available, signed by Will and Madeleine, through this website for just $13.

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