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World Peace Diet

Circle of Compassion and The Worldwide Prayer Circle for Animals
Our non-profit dedicated to building a field of consciousness for compassion and respect for all living beings through meditation, affirmative prayer and networking.

World Peace Diet Mastery Program and Facilitator Training Program
We offer further training in thriving as a vegan and developing effective advocacy skills and deepening understanding of the World Peace Diet message.

World Peace Diet Circle
We offer a monthly live conference call by phone or through computer connection with Dr. Will Tuttle, with opportunities for Q&A, discussion, and joining a community of like-minded people.

YouTube Channel for Dr. Will & Madeleine Tuttle & The World Peace Diet
Lectures and interviews with Dr. Will Tuttle and videos by Madeleine on cooking and crafts

Dr. Will Tuttle’s Blog on One Green Planet
Archived articles on vegan living, spirituality, holistic wellness, and cultural transformation.

Lantern Books
Publisher of The World Peace Diet and other fine books.

Vegan Publishers
Publishers of Circles of Compassion and of Buddhism and Veganism, both edited by Dr. Will Tuttle

Perhaps the largest vegan event in history – an online educational extravaganza with over 60 interviews with the most prominent and distinguished researchers, educators, activists, and leaders in the vegan movement. Produced by Dr. Tuttle and Steve Prussack

Food Not Bombs
Shares free vegan meals with the hungry in over 1,000 cities around the world every week.

A Well-Fed World
Shares vegan meals with the hungry and promotes vegan solutions to world hunger
Excellent resource linking vegan living, sustainability and spirituality

Trees For Life International
Helping communities end hunger and poverty by planting trees.

Vegan Coach
Patty “Sassy” Knutson – Vegan Coach/Author/Nutritional Consultant – Great support, recipes, ideas

Animal Place Sanctuary
Farmed animal sanctuary in northern California

Stanford Inn Eco-Resort
The only vegan full-scale hotel/inn in North America; right on the California Coast!

Vegan Cooking – Substitutes for dairy & eggs
Vegan Nutrition – Some basics and links to more info

Alternatives to Animal Testing
Vivisection is devastating, and there are vegan alternatives.

A Guide To Vegan and Cruelty Free Clothes & Fashion

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