World Peace Diet Resources Package

The World Peace Diet Transformation Package offers keys to optimizing your physical, mental, and spiritual health, and also to contributing to healing our society and the Earth.

It includes a copy of Dr. Tuttle’s acclaimed international best-seller, The World Peace Diet, downloadable as a PDF e-book. The package also includes The World Peace Diet in audio-book format, 13.5 hours long and read by the author.

Finally, it includes Dr. Tuttle’s beloved audio guided meditation, World Peace Meditations, featuring his voice and original uplifting and relaxing piano music, with 8 guided meditations and 2 bonus meditation tracks. Meditations include: Earth-healing, animal relations, joy & abundance, intuition development, harmonious relationships, world peace, radiant health, and abundance. By cultivating inner peace and healing, we experience more peace, joy, and health in our lives and contribute to world peace:

* Understand the hidden roots of our individual and collective problems to resolve them
* Learn how to thrive, building a solid foundation of health, and sharing effectively with others
* Connect with your inner wisdom and genius, and activate your healing potential
* Build harmonious, empowering, and joy-filled relationships

Purchased separately, these three downloads would be $39.00.

We are offering these downloads at a discount (see below) in the spirit of helping to raise awareness so that we can co-create a world of peace, freedom, and abundance for all of us. Let the awakening begin! Our health is interconnected with our awareness and with our world. Thanks for caring and participating in the World Peace Diet Transformation.

“I believe The World Peace Diet is the most important book of the 21st century. If you read but one book in your life, make it The World Peace Diet.” – Dr. James Macy, M.D.

“If you are hungry for a solution to the violence, environmental destruction, and health challenges facing people in the world today, Dr. Tuttle’s World Peace Diet presentation will leave you feeling well informed about the answer, and inspired and empowered to be a part of it.” – Gretchen Chlebowski, founder, Choose Kindness

Use The World Peace Diet as a guide to empower yourselves and others in making dietary choices that are powerful beyond what you can possibly imagine.” – Julia Butterfly Hill, noted eco-advocate

In this download package, all three–the World Peace Diet e-book and 13.5-hour long audio book, as well as the World Peace Meditation CD (10 tracks)  are available for just $25.
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