Video Resources – Lectures & interviews with Will Tuttle

We have a number of videos of lectures and interviews by Dr. Tuttle, as well as cooking videos with Madeleine. For a more complete selection, please see our YouTube Channel –

Talks At Google —

Lecture on The World Peace Diet by Dr. Tuttle in Honolulu —

Lecture by Dr. Tuttle in Houston —

Lecture at Villanova University in Philadelphia–

Overview of Dr. Tuttle’s Lecture Tour in Taiwan  —

Our Fellow Mortals – A Celebration of Life – by Dr. Will Tuttle:

Interview of Will & Madeleine with Robert Cheeke & Ecovegan Gal —

Dr. Tuttle speaking at the Animal Rights Conference on the History of the movement–

Links to Videos:

Dr. Will Tuttle Interview on “Outside The Box” Video in England (Part 1 of 3)

Dr. Tuttle Speaking in San Francisco at the VegFest, October, 2012 (with Fellow Passengers Audio-Visual)

Dr. Tuttle speaking on Vegan Living: A Convenient Truth (thanks to SMTV)

Dr. Tuttle speaking at Vegetarian Summerfest (with piano meditation)

Madeleine’s Vegan Food Prep videosRaw Nut Milk; Green Smoothie; Kefir

 Some of Madeleine’s Cooking and Crafts videos

Raw Nut Milk Making with Madeleine

Green Smoothies with Madeleine!

Vegan Wool Gathering, Spinning and Knitting with Madeleine

One Response to Lecture & Interview Videos

  • Thank you for this wonderful video. I’ve been vegetarian 42 years & vegan 28 years. I learned culturally from living among 45,000 Dukobour & other war-resisters in the West Kootenays of British Columbia in the 1970s. Learning culturally is about inclusion & welcome such as Will received in visiting the Farm in Tennessee. Contrary to colonial indoctrination,
    1st Nations here & humanity’s worldwide ‘indigenous’ (Latin ‘self-generating’) ancestors in cultivating 3-dimensional Polyculture Orchards created such abundance as to make vegetarianism the human norm.
    Understanding indigenous economic inclusion & welcome is complex based in organizing human economy at the 100 person multihome-dwelling-complex level, accounting for & recognizing every contributor to human society within multihome domestic economy, labour specialized in Production-Society/Guilds & Time-based accounting on the string-shell value systems.

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