Your Inner Islands

Front Cover.medYour Inner Islands

The Keys to Intuitive Living

By Will Tuttle, Ph.D.


Your Inner Islands is a narrative adventure to help readers develop intuition and the full flowering of joy, wisdom, and creativity. Based on an ancient spiritual metaphor of crossing the ocean of conditioned awareness to reach a higher state of intuitive wisdom, this book takes the reader on an imaginary journey to the Other Shore.Back

Crossing the ocean, there are six islands, each providing keys to developing intuitive wisdom. These inner mythical Islands of Light are: 1) Understanding, 2) Energy, 3) Meditation, 4) Imagination, 5) Relation- ship, and 6) Compassion.

Your Inner Islands offers a multi-media course on developing intuition, with Dr. Tuttle’s original piano music and Madeleine’s art enriching the teachings and exercises comprising the book. The companion CD, Islands of Light, available separately, contains the 18 pieces of music composed especially for this book by the author. Madeleine Tuttle has painted six paintings viewable online that go with the book as well.

Your Inner Islands is available through Amazon and also on Kindle, and is available, signed by the author, through this website.

Dr. Will Tuttle, the author, is a former Zen monk with a Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley, focusing on educating intuition in adults. A best-selling and award-winning author, he has been leading workshops to help people develop intuition since 1990. He’s also a composer, concert pianist, and creator of eight CD albums of original piano music.

“There is an archetypal dream in all of us to sail away to our own lost tropical island. The Tuttles take us there in an allegorical journey of discovery. They teach us how to make our home in that world of our dreams. Dr. Tuttle’s inspiring music and wise guiding words along with Madeleine Tuttle’s unique mystical art carry us with them in the awakening and quickening of our intuitive faculty. They lead us from our head to our heart. It is a remarkable presentation and an amazingly effective process.” — Rev. Evelyn Casper, Minister Emeritus, Unity of Key West


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