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Front Cover.smThe World Peace Diet has been translated and published in the following languages (language, publisher, and year of publication). Please contact us if you’d like further information or can assist in foreign translation/publication efforts to help spread the World Peace Diet vegan message.



Ernährung und Bewusstsein. Crotona Verlags GmbH, 2014. Available through Amazon.






french FrenchNourrir La Paix, Editions L’age d’Homme, 2015. Available through Amazon.






hebrew  Hebrew – Kidmat Eden, 2010







russian  Russian – Svetlana Gerasimova, 2010






indonesian   Indonesian – Bahasa Indonesian, 2010. Available online.






chinese-t  Chinese – Traditional (Taiwan) – H2O Books/Cite Publishing, 2011





chinese-s  Chinese – Simplified (Mainland) – HongKong Spiritual Family, 2014





korean  Korean – Taurus Books, 2013. Available through Amazon





croatian  Croatian – Dvostruka Duga, 2012






slovenian  SlovenianHrana Za Mir, Avrora, 2013






italian  ItalianCibo per la Pace. Edizioni Sonda, 2014. Available through Amazon and iTunes






norwegian  Norwegian – Ingela, 2015







hungarian  Hungarian – Bioenergetic, 2015 – Available through Smashwords and iTunes






vietnameseVietnamese – Thức ăn vì thế giới hòa bình, Ho Chi Minh City General Publishing House, 2016 






SpanishLa Dieta de la Paz Mundiale, Lantern Books, New York, 2019






TamilShri Publications, 2019






Danish – Books on Demand – BoD
March 2023





Portugese -translation complete, pending publisher

India – English version available through Amazon

Hindi – translation in process, pending publisher

Czech – translation in process – pending publisher

Gujarati – translation in process, pending publisher

Japanese – translation in process, pending publisher

Greek – translation in process – pending publisher

Polish – translation in process – pending publisher

16 Responses to The World Peace Diet Translations

  • Will Tuttle says:

    Spanish – La Dieta de la Paz Mundiale, translated, pending publisher)

  • Susi Tan says:

    Hello, I wanna buy this book for my polish friend. May I ask when polish version could ready to publish? Thank you very much.

    • Will Tuttle says:

      We don’t yet have a Polish translation; if you have any suggestions for a translator or publisher, please let us know – thanks!

      • Susi Tan says:

        Thanks for your reply. But actually I’m Chinese and I don’t know any Polish translator yet. Maybe I could try to ask some friends.
        Wish more and more people could have chance to read and understand this wonderful book.

      • Joanna says:

        Hi, I can see that book will be translated into Polish. It is great news. Any information where it can happen and be ready to buy? Would it be feasible in 2019? Greetings

  • Elena says:

    Aloha! Would a Czech translation be of interest to you? I don’t speak a word of Czech but have contacts to both a translator & publisher and would love to see the message spread further! Also please let me know if I can be of help in the German market!

  • Jik12 says:

    Amazing! Google

  • Jik12 says:
  • George Wilson dos Santos Sturaro says:

    I would love to help with the Portuguese translation. I can also help to find a publishing house.


  • Tushar B says:

    Hello Sir,
    When will the Hindi Version of The World Peace Diet be available in India?
    I am keen to order it for my parents so it may help them to switch from a Lacto-Vegetarian Diet to a Vegan Diet?
    Thank You.

  • Hristo says:

    Hello. Could you make a translation of the book in Bulgarian language. I am vegan and I love animals. Thank you so much.

    • Will Tuttle says:

      Thanks for your interest in a Bulgarian-language edition of The World Peace Diet Hristo. Typically, translations are made by volunteers, so if you and/or a few friends would like to see it in Bulgarian, perhaps you might be able to do it; there may be a Veg society in Bulgaria willing to help and/or to find or to be a publisher… Thanks again for your caring heart, and all the best with your efforts!!

  • Christine says:

    I am a happy vegan and my favourite book is The Peace Diet. I wish you would translate the book into my native languange,Danish. And especially a Turkish version, so my husband can read it too. Thank you for all the inspiration and all the work you do. Peace to All!

    • Will Tuttle says:

      Thanks Christine! Yes, we have had a Danish vegan friend of ours in Copenhagen, very enthusiastic about The World Peace Diet, who checked with a few Danish publishers…. but didn’t find one willing to translatle/publish. This was a few years ago. And yes, would be great to have The World Peace Diet in Turkish as well… Typicall, all of our 17 languages in which The World Peace Diet is now published started with someone who was willing to do the translation first, which is a big job of course. It was always done by volunteers. Maybe there is someone or a few people willing to create a Danish or Turkish translation. Then it is not hard usually to find a publisher! Thanks and all best.

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