Ample high-quality protein without the misery and trauma

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IMG_0191Chefs know that fish who die with great resistance, struggling against the net or the hook and line, have a more bitter taste because of the lactic acid that remains in their muscles. In eating fish, we eat the lactic acid the fish produce in their death throes, and the fear-induced adrenalin and other hormones. We can all get ample high-quality protein from plant sources without causing unnecessary misery and trauma to other living creatures.

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One Response to Ample high-quality protein without the misery and trauma

  • Michael Atwood says:


    I am very fortunate to have recently discovered of your book “The World Peace Diet”.

    Your book is to me one of those classic life changers.

    Have known about and often been inclined toward various degrees of “vegetarianism” over the years but never put all the pieces together in a wholistic way as you have done of why one needs to quit animal consumption, once and for all totally. For instance “The Pritikin Diet” book in the 1980’s inclined me strongly toward meat as an occasional garnish….for health reasons,but no making of connections to animal cruelty in meat production came to mind.Similarly with Jeremy Rifkin’s 1993 “Beyond Beef”-That book literally stopped me cold from eating any beef for 20 years solid-but I don’t recall the slightest empathy for the cows situation ,only my health and perhaps some ecological effects.

    I think you are quite right that unless you make all the connections-the moral issue of participating in mass animal cruelty,the ecological effects of meat production and the health issues ,then you can easily fall back into eating meat by just not feeling well one day and assume one needs a slab of ham to get through the day.Once you really “get it” on the cruelty aspect of meat production,the systematic massive cruelty to a wide variety of our fellow creatures that feel,that don’t want to be imprisoned,tortured,enslaved,kept in horror chambers so that we can unnecessarily eat pieces of their dead bodies ,then the change to veganism becomes an irreversible moral imperative to which one cannot backslide.

    Have been three months TOTAL VEGAN and find it infinitely more interesting,tasty and full of variety than the unnecessary meat polluted diet.

    I am glad to hear your positive comments that you perceive many people aiming toward meatless diets.

    From my perspective,I do a lot of grocery shopping, and I rarely see a grocery cart not dominated by meat contents and lots of junk food. Massive zombie hypnotic ignorance instilled,of course, by profit seeking without a conscience corporate marketing via mass media 24/7.

    People aren’t inherently stupid but we are trained to be so.

    I am glad you are aiming toward turning the tide of consciousness on this most important issue.

    Hope you keep doing what you are doing.

    PS-Feeling like a hypocrite I have to admit to keeping my leather work gloves and boots purchased BEFORE becoming vegan.I won’t buy new ones though!

    All the best,
    Michael Atwood

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