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In the Japanese language there is a beautiful word, “shojin,” roughly translated into English as “abstention from animals foods and products for religious or spiritual reasons.” The existence of this word reveals the culture’s recognition that abstaining from the use of animal products is a valid dimension of religious practice and of spiritual aspiration.

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One Response to Shojin

  • SHOJIN… summed my definition of Veganism up all in one. For I have been the biggest meat eater for over half a century, and I could never imagine myself giving it up. One day, out of blue sky came a lightening which struck me down and in that second I became a Vegan. I still don’t know how. However, it was through the spiritual route, for the example of St Francis of Assisi had touched me somewhere extremely deep. From then on, all Life became as one Life, with no lines of separation It was (now I know) a true Shojin moment that had changed my Life once and for all. It is a blissful way of living to all concerned. It makes me want to save the world, by first saving Lives. Many little Lives saved adds up throughout the years and it has a huge effect on our entire existence on Planet Earth.

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