Time to Wake Up in Sacramento

More than ever, it seems that the vegan message of compassion for all, and respect for the sovereignty of animals and humans, including our “enemies,” is of critical importance. It is essential to connect with our inner wisdom to address the barrage of conflicting narratives we are continually facing. Thank you for questioning, and for living your life as an adventure of inquiry and creativity.

In this spirit of inquiry, we will be speaking in Sacramento this Sunday, exploring the big questions we are facing, and how vegan living, health freedom, and spirituality contribute to positive personal and cultural possibilities. Please join us for Time to Wake Up and/or share with friends.

We are delighted to announce that inspiration and wisdom from our celebrated Worldwide Vegan Summit for Truth and Freedom is now available to everyone. You can now listen to complimentary audio recordings of all 18 presentations featuring Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Gabriel Cousens, Dr. Joel Kahn, Clare Mann, Dr. Armaiti May, Henna Maria, Dr. Brian Clement, Dr. Pam Popper, Derrick Broze, and many others.

Our friend and colleague, the remarkably talented vegan chef and teacher, Mark Reinfeld, is offering his much-loved 4-week Vegan Cooking Intensive starting August 15th. Apply soon, and you can receive a $600 discount on this outstanding in-depth culinary training. Both in-person and virtual options are available.

We have also just posted a new Morning Musical Inspiration video of our original piano and flute improvisations: Loon Series #3, dedicated to celebrating the splendor of loons and the beauty of nature.

Finally, our self-paced online World Peace Diet Facilitator Training is going strong and is available if you’d like to join like-minded people, and dive into deep veganism, exploring how we can thrive as vegans during these unprecedented times, and be more effective in our advocacy.

We are also happy to sign copies of our books, CD albums, art cards, and paintings—all are available to order.

If you are interested in a unique gift experience, please check out our Individualized Music & Art Portraits. Yuma, our Yamaha studio grand piano, is tuned and ready, as are Madeleine’s palette and brushes. We have been creating these now for 30 years and people still tell us how much inspiration, joy, and healing they receive from their personalized music and paintings.

We are grateful to work with so many caring and committed people who are dedicated to healing and awakening, and helping others do the same. Thanks for your efforts and for your presence here on our precious Earth.

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