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Every day, we cause over thirty million birds and mammals and forty-five million fish to be fatally attacked so we can eat them, and it’s universally considered to be good food for good people.
With these meals, we feed our shadow, which grows strong and bold as it gorges itself on our repressed grief, guilt, and revulsion.

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One Response to Good food for good people

  • Campsie Grothendieck says:

    Thank you Dr. Tuttle.
    Please do a daily inspiration about Omega-3’s. I have been reading that some celebrities are turning away from a vegan lifestyle supposedly because they are not getting enough of this nutrient and claiming lack of Omega-3 is impacting their mental alertness?

    It was an honor to meet you and Madeleine when you came to Evanston Illinois pre-covid! I hope you can return some day.

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