The World Peace Diet Translations

Front Cover.smThe World Peace Diet has been translated and published in the following languages (language, publisher, and year of publication). Please contact us if you’d like further information or can assist in foreign translation/publication efforts to help spread the World Peace Diet vegan message.

german  GermanErnährung und Bewusstsein. Crotona Verlags GmbH, 2014. Available through Amazon. Click here for German-language World Peace Diet website.

french  FrenchNourrir La Paix, Editions L’age d’Homme, 2015. Available through AmazonClick here for French-language World Peace Diet website.

hebrew  Hebrew – Kidmat Eden, 2010

russian  Russian – Svetlana Gerasimova, 2010

indonesian   Indonesian – Bahasa Indonesian, 2010. Available online.

chinese-t  Chinese – Traditional (Taiwan) – H2O Books/Cite Publishing, 2011

chinese-s  Chinese – Simplified (Mainland) – HongKong Spiritual Family, 2014

korean  Korean – Taurus Books, 2013. Available through Amazon

croatian  Croatian – Dvostruka Duga, 2012

slovenian  SlovenianHrana Za Mir, Avrora, 2013

italian  ItalianCibo per la Pace. Edizioni Sonda, 2014. Available through Amazon and iTunes

norwegian  Norwegian – Ingela, 2015

hungarian  Hungarian – Bioenergetic, 2015 – Available through Smashwords and iTunes

vietnameseVietnamese – Thức ăn vì thế giới hòa bình, Ho Chi Minh City General Publishing House, 2016 

SpanishLa Dieta de la Paz Mundiale, translated, pending publisher)

India – English version available through Amazon

Tamil – translation complete, pending publisher

Hindi – translation in process, pending publisher

Gujarati – translation in process, pending publisher

Japanese – translation in process, pending publisher

Greek – translation in process – pending publisher

Polish – translation in process – pending publisher

Portugese – translation in process – pending publisher


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