The Revolutionary Good News of Vegan Living

When I was growing up in Concord, MA, in the 1960s, today, April 19, was one of the biggest holidays of the year: Patriots Day – and thousands of us would gather at the Old North Bridge in Concord to celebrate the birth of the American Revolution. Many of the most enthusiastic local men (my father included) would dress up in Minuteman outfits with muskets and marching fife and drum corps, and re-enact the historic battle that routed the British regulars, and started the Revolutionary War for U.S. independence.

It seems fitting to remember this day, and the importance, as Jefferson wrote, of periodic revolutions to avoid stagnation, corruption, and usurpation of unjust powers. But we are also called to look deeper: into the very roots of our dilemmas and crises, and recognize the lurking Trojan Horse of animal agriculture that began with the Herding Revolution about ten thousand years ago.

This new video, “Good News from Will Tuttle,” is from the latter part of our recently-concluded World Awakening Tour in Black Mountain, NC, and it focuses on the revolutionary good news that we can positively transform ourselves and our society by understanding and appreciating the good news that we have no nutritional requirement to exploit and enslave animals. When we bring our actions into alignment with that understanding, we become a benevolent revolution of one, and a key to the positive transformation of our society. Please check it out – thanks!

Madeleine and I have also just posted a new Morning Musical Inspiration video of our original piano and flute improvisations: Loon Series #2, dedicated to the majesty of nature and the diving birds.

And there is still time to register for the Food Revolution Summit, hosted by our friends John and Ocean Robbins. This event, their largest and perhaps best ever, features cutting-edge and empowering nutritional information on the many benefits of vegan and organic ways of eating.

On April 23, Catherine Austin Fitts will be discussing on Freedom Portal the deep financial structure of our society and how, in many ways, we humans are being farmed and exploited by wealthy elites.

Finally, a huge thank-you to all the many local activists who helped to organize the presentations we made during our recently-concluded 4 ½ month World Awakening Tour through the southern states. Your wisdom and perseverance help to heal our world. We are living in times when compassion, discernment, and clarity are more important than ever.

Thanks for caring, and for questioning official narratives, and for refusing to comply with social or political mandates that facilitate exploitation or undermine respect for the sovereignty of individual beings.

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